All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


We have a game to win and I’m confident we will get the job done. But if Mayo win an All Ireland on the back of beating Dublin and Kerry it would be well deserved.


Losing this, if we do, won’t be the disaster that it would have been in the past. We will almost certainly be in more finals in the coming years. This was not so certain in the past. Winning the three in a row would be nice and winning 4 in five years would be great. But I would be equally happy if we kept up this level over the next 10 to 15 years and continued winning at Kerry type intervals rather then previous Dublin ones.


Agreed but the group itself the chance at history will be gone


Also - we’d lose a few players to retirement - our bench wouldn’t be as good in the next few years

Strike when the iron is hot - we need to win this


I’d agree . Long term no impact as we will never be out of the top 4 in the current format for at least half a century
But for the group itself they’d only be on a par with the 70s team in my view


This will be the driving force for 3 in a row . Outsiders can speculate if they have the “hunger” .They WILL want to eclipse that 70’s team for their own personal legacies . These guys are ravenous when it comes to winning . And they certainly won’t want another repeat of '14 or letting them be the team who allowed Mayo to end the famine .




In a way 3 years is a safer bet than 1.

It gives the mgt team breathing space to change things.

If it was another 1 year, it would’ve resulted in a nip and tuck exercise at best.

So enjoy it while it lasts…Tyrone will be AI champs in a few years time. McAleer & Rushe probably working on the winning hotel as we speak. Only the finest hotels will do.


Justin McMahon retired. Serious footballer, certainly more than just a big lad.


If MH had decide to walk away, any suggestions or rumours who might have replaced him?


But where do the Darragh Canavan’s, Niall sluddens and Mark Bradley fit into 14 men the ball structure ?


Well BD…

Not sure to be honest. I’m guessing candidates within the county would be the recent U21 mgt team or even the U17s that just won the AI.

I’m thinking of Logan, Dooher, P Canavan, B McG, Ricey, Colly Holmes.

All of those tick the box in terms of having played for the county, and been part of a mgt set up.

But they’re all fairly young and I don’t know if anyone of them could commit to what’s effectively a full time job.

Other than that, I can’t think of any club managers who would do it.


I think you’re making this Tyrone side out to be far more defensive than they are.

Scores from the 4 games before Dublin were:


Ok. so standard in Ulster isn’t great…but those scores aren’t the sign of a team that plays 14 men behind the ball.

The problem with the semi is that Tyrone thought they could live with Dublin by playing it tight for 60 mins and then going for it. That went up in smoke after 5 mins.


In the post match analysis an awful lot was made of the early goal and the impact it had on the game after. I feel if the goal hadn’t come after 5 it would have come after 10 or 15. Tyrone were beaten all ends up and to be clinging to the idea that the early goal killed them would be erroneous imo. The problems are far bigger than that.



The timing of the first goal is just to say how quickly the game looked to be dead.

But the result was never in doubt as Dublin were better all over the pitch.

Even if Dublin had never got a goal, they’d have won comfortably.



“They had match-ups that worked. They had it all. I have to admit, they were the best team I’ve ever played against at inter-county level. They’re the best team I ever seen play the game.”


Decent of the dubs to say that about Tyrone.


Was chatting to a big football man in Ballygawley.

Reckoned Malachy O’Rourke should’ve been sounded out.

Never really thought of him…but he’s had success at club level and did well with Fermanagh reaching an Ulster final and of course Monaghan.

He managed Errigal Ciaran in Tyrone winning twice…(MH’s club), but only learned he’d won with the Loup in Derry.

Ironically he’s a school teacher - like MH was - and he’s also MH’s neighbour. How odd would that be…


I honestly think Harte is way ahead of him
Harte got it wrong two weeks ago. Did Gavin a few years ago
I have a lot of respect for Harte he’s an excellent thinker of the game and a credit to Tyrone


Think a lot may depend on what was Harte’s real thinking the last day, was he looking at the bigger picture and just working on something for the future? Or was it a lack of ideas. I would think it may be a combination of the first and a lack of a few players.