All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Mc Aleer & Rushe -construction & engineering - they get subbed the work on large projects and handle mid range ones/schools/housing


That’s the one. Thanks.


McAleer & Rushe are a big building company…as sponsors you’d think they’d have some input.

The ban on speaking with RTE restricts their exposure.

From what I’ve heard, MH is expected to get another year…if so, you’d think it’s last chance saloon.


WJ Dolan was the sponsor when they won their first All Ireland, it was the bargain of the century as he picked it up very cheaply when no one really wanted it. You still see WJD shirts at Tyrone games.


Runs to look…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Too right.

There are more pictures in restaurants and pubs with pictures of the 03 team wearing the WJ Dolan jerseys.

They probably got it for a song too.


I think it’s perfectly acceptable if MH doesn’t want to speak to RTÉ. He is not a professional and he is under no obligation to talk to them (although I do feel the problem was more a case of incompetence rather than malice on RTÉ’s part).

But it has probably gotten to the point that MH should tell the players that they can talk to RTÉ if they want and that he won’t take any offence if they do.


MH staying for another three years . On Ir Times webpage


Have to say I think that’s a crazy decision. He looked utterly bereft against Dublin.

With regard to RTE for a religious man he sure holds a grudge for a long time.


Maybe he knows he’s in his last term - might not take the full 3 years. Brave person to follow him


MH’s refusal to talk to RTE never applied to the players as far as I know. He said they could if they wished.

They " chose" not to in support of MH.


I think the RTE skit about the ‘pretty little girl from Omagh’ song was more crass than malicious.

But I suppose any prospective sponsor would’ve know the craic before they signed up.

As BelfastDub said…the players aren’t barred but most likely feel they’re supporting the manager.

Besides, even when they’re interviewed by BBC, it’s like pulling teeth with players giving the usual cliches…so it’s not like they’re being deprived.

Still…you’d think there’d be a work around to this.


As someone else said…better to replace the man that replaces MH.

Whoever comes in next might have the Moyles affect…players used to a different culture and the bar has been set…anything less than Div1, wining Ulster and getting to a semi will seem a backwards step.

Heard different account the players had a team meeting last night. My guess is that they wanted him to stay.


The 3 years has been confirmed. Surprised at the vote of confidence.

Last year he was only given 1.

The O’Neill cup kicks off. I’d imagine MH will be travelling the county looking for new talent.

Ps this goes back to an earlier discussion that IC management is effectively a full time job now. Unless the pay is good…who would want it?


I’m not surprised, Tyrone have made a lot of progress this year and are going in the right direction. Before the Dublon game there woulnt have been an issue with a 3 year contract. Too much emphasis is being put on one game imo.


Bizarre move unless he’s agreed to play some football


Mcaleer and rush are building a hotel in charlemont st it should be ready for tyrone for next September the church in rathmines is only a 5 minute walk


Have to say that I would see this as similar to the EF extension in being good news for Dublin.


I would class them as potentially benevolent contributions towards Dublin’s 5 in row attempt


Yeah, totally agree. ■■■■ they can give both ten years extensions for all I care.