All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Not me, I hardly even read it nowadays. It’s gone to the dogs the last few years, anytime I go on there to look there’s somebody with a new referee conspiracy story added to a list of multiple referees who are off limits already. Every other post seemed to mention Joe McQuillan or Gough. The net of paranoia is closing in and the standard of debate has declined alot from what I’ve seen. Seems to be a few Dublin posters on it last time I looked, a couple of them clearly also post here, which is rubbing it in a bit I would have thought, not good form to post alot on the great rivals’ forum when we are in an era of such huge success over them.

As for Mayo I haven’t ever even looked at their forum though I’m tempted to in the run-up to this. I used to post years ago on various forums on Hogan Stand but as we all know, that only leads one way. What about yourself?


Similar Al although never posted on the Kerry forum
They are finding it difficult to post now that the kings chair is dumped in the cupboard


Wind your neck in their AL , I was been sarcastic when I said Dublin Joe FFS.


Who’s that now ?

Mickey Hartes future as manager to be decided to-night.


Who indeed. I dunno. I suspect it’s a female. Unbelievable I know…


Don’t you know never to bait a giraffe?


there now seems to be a…ahem…concerted effort by Mayo Social Media is try and forget all the stuff they have been saying about “Dublin Joe” for years and are doing a 180 on him saying how great it all is…now he is appointed and lest he reads their previous posts and gets the hump.

I sure hope that poor Imedla May gets the same 180 treatment. Some of the things said about Aslan after last year were deplorable, even if they have had to suffer Damien Dempsey in the past.


She certainly gets around :joy:


Not to Lusk you can’t :smiley:


Heard his lack of media interviews is pissing off current sponsors (as it did with past sponsors) rumours that sponsors will pull the plug if harte stays.


I’m sure that would be a big issue for any sponsor, no exposure after any of the games.


Hard pressed to name their sponsor - that tells something.

I know it used to be Hunky Dory … but it obviously isn’t now … :joy:


McArdles as far as I know, hauliers.


McAleer or something like that i think


Does “Till 95” include 95?
Which decade are we talking about?


Large bottle, off the shelf. Nice one.


is it a decade that starts with 1990 or 1991?


1991, of course.


mcalere and rush or somehting like that.

only reason i know is we beat them in an all ireland interfirms a few years back on their patch.
i of course was an unused sub