All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Al has gone all maudlin at the moment . Every post tinged with doom.Its bizarre actually .


The only doom is the aftermath if we get beaten . Could you imagine it ? - we will never hear the end of it .


Time to hibernate in the bunker me thinks .


I don’t want t another fucking legends of the fall been born like lucky Jim. I don’t mind mayo winning a Sam but at our expense no way.


That’s my fear . I can deal with not achieving a 3 in a row . I can’t deal with immortalising Mayo


Imagine we win this well have matched what Kerry won in the noughties , surpased them with 3 in a row & still 3 years left in the decade .Un-be-liev-able…


Hope to have a happy hangover this day fortnight …


2 years left in the decade.



I was waiting for that …:yum:


We already have achieved that status with jammy mcguinness


I know that’s why we don’t need an encore .


Annual trip to the Palace Bar!


Diggers mebbe


Confession Box, the return…


And Mulligans. Though that’s better for after the match rather than the next day?
Looking forward to the pints already :beers:


Jaysus. This is cheering me up no end . Think of the diaspora …


No coppers


Don’t forget the Boars Head ( or as some called waaaaayyy back , the Hores Bed ) . Coppers - no thanks … allergic to blue and navy uniforms


You’re talking to the wrong person TBF, not only that but from what I’ve seen on that site they only have eyes for one Dublin poster lately. But it’s a nice deflection from you peddling the Kerry line about Uncle Joe McQuillan. Which kind of makes one wonder, who’s actually kissing who’s arses on here eh?.. First time I’ve ever seen a Dublin poster admit to something evening remotely like that about any referee.
Careful now or the next thing you’ll slip up with will be how Kerry were robbed in 2011… :wink::wink::kissing_closed_eyes::thinking:


And now you can take the LUAS home!