All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


They played some wonderful football in 2008 - as we well know. But as is often said here he had some of the finest players ever to wear a Tyrone jersey on that team. I don’t see that quality there now - nor does it grow on trees. I’ve often said on here that the Noughties team have given Tyrone fans unrealistic expectations.


Tyrone were far more expansive in 2005 than now.

They could because they’d arguably the best 6 forwards.

And even in 2003 they weren’t that defensive.

But most people outside of Tyrone saw them for the first time againt Kerry in the '03 semi - the Puke football remark from Pat S and the whole concept of defensive structures.

But coming into that semi they were average 19 scores a game. That semi was a master stroke.

So I’d argue that Tyrone’s game has evolved over time, but the front 6 aren’t there now.

No matter who takes over they’ve got to live with that problem.


You tell me, it would surely be explained by the point of your post… what did you mean “89-94”, in relation to my post that you posted that about?


I think he should take a break, he could still come back. Ideally he should have taken a break a few years ago maybe. 15 years is a hell of a long time. I do think they froze somewhat in the occasion, and/or MH couldn’t respond to/didn’t prepare well enough to deal with the possibilities.
Either way it points to some deficiency in preparation. I mean the Dublin 2008 team was not 14 points worse than Tyrone but they hadn’t had enough prep for what Tyrone might bring, and how to deal with it if things not going right. This situation was the same in my view. A similar team to the 2008 model under different coaches beat Tyrone at the same stage in 2010, by 5 points, a 19 point turnaround…


Think ref for final is been announced today ,really ,really hope it’s not cavan Joe


with a cavan president in his final year, Dublin Joe must be a certainty


Can’t believe you’r e even saying that, and using the DJ term, coined by the relentless power of the KMM, talk about giving in to the incessant propoganda


Fixed that rashers :yum:


Read an interview with the Chairman of the Referees Committee at the weekend, he was boasting that his committee are doing a great job because all the finals in league and championship this year have been refereed by first timers. Based on that I don’t see Black card Joe getting the final.


That’s a funny slant on things. I know there was a lot of grumbling among the hurling fraternity about Leinster refs getting everything … Gough, Coldrick and Deegan get plenty too. I’d imagine it was more to appease that.

Not sure inexperienced refs is the way to go for finals tbh …


Black Card Joe
Won’t you come
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Black Card Joe
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the grumbling was that its the same 3 refs, mcgrath, gavin and kelly getting most big games as opposed to where they were from…


Not more or less the same thing no?


Showed your true colours there, and they sure as heck aren’t blue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the issue was the 3 individual refs hogging most high profile games as opposed to their addresses…


The criticism I heard was specifically that Leinster refs were getting all the big games. Mind you they don’t appoint themselves …


Throw in Owens too


Says the man who goes on the kerry forum to kiss their ass :wink::wink::wink:


Is that you Al, there is also a Dub on the Mayo Blog, is that you also Al.


I don’t see any fix??? :thinking: Can you help?