All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


In all fairness we should probably wait to judge where Tyrone are at until after we see Dublin’s final performance


Yeah…if Dublin hammer Mayo then it’s puts the last result into some sort of perspective.

But if it’s a close run thing…then you got to wonder.

I take Ps point…the players should’ve been able to do more. All the chips were bet on Plan A.

Tyrone lacked leaders that day. People who can inspire and take the initiative.


Daller, MH (unfortunately) is way out of his depth at this stage - that’s the unsavoury truth … but the truth nonetheless …


I always remember (though it was different times with no backdoor etc) we couldn’t beat any serious team outside of Leinster in the championship from 89 til 95, and it was a rod we got beaten with and beat ourselves with. Similarly in the noughties.


89-94, Al.


He means to the 1st January 1995. It’s like the debate over when does the decade start.


Til 95”. Nice try though, do keep up.


Lads trying to be too smart for their own good.:joy::joy::joy:


I think Tyrone management under performed, the players played to their normal level, or st least the level they were let. They need Harte involved all the time and Small shut him down completely. Sludden wasn’t let break, Mannion and McCaffery were on him every time he had the ball. Sludden’s game is all about scoring on the break, without that they were down 4 or 5 points.

This was a win for the Dublin defensive play. That dictated the game. The Dublin forward just did what they normally do. But Tyrone should never have let it happen. If they pushed out another 20m, like Donegal did in '14, it would have changed a lot.


Don’t think so Wifi, Dublin weren’t exposed like in 2014, Tyrone would have conceded a couple more goals on the break if they’d pushed further up, and wouldn’t have got more than one against us.


I thought that after the game…but on reflection I just think that Dublin had better players all over the pitch and the result was inevitable.

The fact is that MH has a Div1 side that has won back-to-back Ulsters and reached a semi final.

Maybe it’s a Stockholm syndrome…but I’m more inclined to give him another few years and develop / un-earth a few forwards.

Funny this morning…at the end of mass, the priest congratulated the local players on the U17s…and offered his commiserations with the 2 seniors. People didn’t know whether to clap or not…so only a handful did.


What’s the difference?


Think Paddy Andrews was a huge factor in the game, his points from tight angles are something only maybe Berno on his day can do, you simply can’t defend against it, he is never going to be involved for 70 minuts, but if you were to make a video of vital points scored from tough positions, Paddy would probably have 9 of the best ten.


You think he’ll evolve with forwards ?


I think Sean O c going is a blessing in disguise, it breaks the links with the past , it is clear Tyrone need more up front, but if Harte had them he would use them, in the noughties he he had S O Neill, Muggsy, Cavanagh or Canavan and they weren’t shy about going forward. harte now needs to get lads to buy into the game plan and then try and bring in some players that can play that game and score.
Mc Guinness was blessed with Murphy, Mc fadden and Mc Breathy, .


Are you sure he’d use them ? Not convinced myself . Tyrone are married to the blanket defence . Because they invented it it’s part of their GAA DNA


The only way the blanket will work is if you have top class forwards, whether they can discover them or not I don’t know, but Harte has shown in the past that when he had them he sure knew how to use them.


The blanket defence doesn’t work anymore. The point I’m making is Tyrone need a change in philosophy as much as finding new forwards. Can Harte change his philosophy of this stage of his managerial career?


Why not, he didn`t play like that in 2005, I reckon it was a damage limitation exercise and he will build from there, but he will need to find a few players to do so, not easy to find.


They did in most of the games in 2005 play a blanket . Just against Dublin he didn’t bother because he didn’t need to
I’m not sure Harte can drag himself away from it