All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm


Tyrone have less then zero chance with the current style of play


Thanks…I’m humbled although if I’m perfectly honest, all those things are true about me.

Ok, just getting my coat.


Don’t you start!!

I’m already sore about Dublin…

I don’t know. With good forwards you’ve always a fighter’s chance. And I know your argument that these forwards could do better under a different system, but none of the 6 forwards last week are as good as what Dublin have.


Btw…you’re not alone in thinking this…it’s in the sports headlines up here and lots of tyrone fans are saying the same.

MH won’t change much…it’s whether the players and CB can be convinced. Doing more of the same isn’t an option.


It’s time for him to vacate then


Well…the idea floated a few years ago was that the AI U21 mgt team of Fegal Logan, P Canavan and Brian Dooher would be part of a transition team.

But they didn’t hang around: probably a mixture of work commitments and young families.

Whoever gets the job will have to do it full-time. Would be hard to give up a good job for a 3 yr contract.


Mayo don’t have many forwards either and they can compete. As Bart says if MH can’t see the need for a really radical change in thinking etc he’s better of letting someone else have a go.


And that’s the point. It’s s change in philosophy too. Might have to go a step back to go two forward like Dublin in 2010 and 2011


All valid points.

The question is who would want the job.

It’s full time…and a high bar has been set.

F Logan, Dooher, Canavan, Ricey, McGuigan have all helped out at underage structures, but none wanted it.

Colly Holmes just won an AI with the U17s, and was part of the 03-08 team, but he’s a VP at a large school.

Unless the CB force the issue, I’d doubt anyone would want to run against MH.

As I said, it’s stick or twist for the county board.


Inter county managers should be paid officially in my view . It’s ridiculous the level of commitment


Totally agree with you on that one.


I agree and it would cut out all the play acting tgat goes on with expenses.


That would still go on …


if the managers were employed by the county board at a fixed salary . They’d have to be tax compliant . Also county boards would be less reluctant to pay additional monies if the manager was salaried


Hear you B but couldn’t see it all coming above board …


I think it would a really good idea to reduce costs all round .


Definitely would but you know yourself


Have to say Daller, I know you were a mile away from winning against us last day out, but to be honest, I do think your lads under-performed on the day. They also happened to come up against a team who appear to have found a new level.

I do think you have the bones of an excellent side there. I do also think that you have the right man in charge, he is a proven winner. I would go as far to say that you are a couple of forwards away from a serious challenge, and with the talent you currently have, and a tweak of the tactics, you could be the team to take over if we decline in a few years time! :wink:


Rochey…I owe you a beer!!

Really though, if MH could get a few serious forwards they could make a big difference.

I know that’s stating the obvious…but there’s hope a few forwards and a free taker can make the difference from 4th upwards.

On reflection, I think Tyrone under-performed (as good as Dublin were)

The goal just knocked the stuffing out of them and never recovered.

Maybe it’s clutching at straws…but hope’s a good thing.


Goals knocking the stuffing out of a team is a problem, it shows a lack of belief in the plan, basically it meant that the Tyrone felt " Oh shit now what do we do" and the reality is neither the players or the line did anything. Just stuck to a game plan that was going nowhere.