All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm



He has a face only a mother would love. Won’t forget one of the horror shows against them in the 00’s mossy Quinn lining up a free and mcguigan abusing him caught by the bollox on camera. Jaysus I hope we beat them I’d nearmy rather loose to Kerry than that lot. Got the impression of whelo last night he found him irritating…


Mc Guigan was a horrible little toad on the pitch .An odious sledger - one of the worst
But he was such a good player he got away with a lot from the pundits . You don’t see centre forwards like that anymore.


There’s will be lot s of verbals in this match that’s how they like to roll


Enjoyable read


We roll that way too now in fairness . We are up there with the best of them .seems to be part of the GAA inter county culture now in all counties


Turning into club matches


He was a great player I’d agree with that. But horrible fucker amongst a lot of horrible fuckers. But he was nearly the prince of them. Still I hope we bate them don’t care how we do it just get the job done. Wouldn’t it be pure karma if Dermo comes on with 20 to go and repeats his performance of 2011 to win the game for us…


…with an injury time equaliser before turning in a man-of-the-match performance to win the reply, gaining an extra 70 minutes game time in preparation for the final.


that will do! :grimacing:


Where is Ricey when you need to abuse him


LR…do you really think they care if you liked him or not? Maybe they don’t even know you didn’t like him…unbelievable I know but just maybe ?


Share he love


Eric was at sea at times, which is unusual as he’s a decent attacking wingback and doesn’t look that ost when he forays forward from wing back.

Think Scully (and Howard) are victims of the need to get game time into Flynner and MDMA.


Personally I reckon Connolly will start, his place been left open , Jim has not looked for someone to replace him, just used different lads to fill in the gap. Of course nobody will like losing out, but it is not as if Dermo is coming back from a holiday or something he has been there training just as hard as the next man.
I would fear if he was coming back from injury or something, but I think he was at a stage where he neednt a break both mentally and phsyically so with a few ultra competive A vB games dont really see match fitness as a problem, he has been training with lads that have been uping the tempo all the time since June so he too would have been.


Jesus you’re some basket case . I’m fairly aware he wouldn’t care what a keyboard warrior thought about him …have a day off

What I was referring to was it was sad to see such a wonderfully gifted player be such an odious toad on the pitch that every set of fans hated the sight of him …


Warrior Bart is spot on he didn’t need to do it but likes it see that smirk on RTÉ he loves being he villain his balls were rattling he couldn’t say what he really thought


Hope we haven’t heard the last from you, @Banagusgorm. I for one would like to hear from your perspective on the rest of the championship.


He said it last week about Dermo. The mug on him ffs, no time for him.


Brilliant by Cooper, and never once reacted to SOS’s madness. It’s the hoorness that makes the begrudgers dislike him so much. If he was from Kerry or Mayo they’d all be loving it, POTY by popular vote.