All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm


They Ozzies glasses ?


Bad refereeing, taken in by the dive


Don’t agree … take off them red-green specs and look again … :wink:


Could he have injured his eye? I’ve seen it a few times and it could be that.


Seriously this is rubbish stuff move on. has no one got any interesting analysis of the game ?


If that’s your line of thinking McCann must’ve been injured a couple of years back between Tyrone and Monaghan because Hughes got sent off.
Ridiculous logic.


Why don’t you worry about what you think and stop trying to tell me what to think?

Pain in me hoop here with self righteous sanctimonious do-gooders trying to force their version of ‘fairness’ down peoples throats … when we get none anywhere. Don’t be bloody annoying me.




How bad is the standard of football? That was a full house yesterday but I doubt there’ll be many more over the next few years outside of the AI final and maybe if Dublin and Kerry were to meet in a semi final.

Absolute garbage from Monaghan and Armagh. The management of both teams should apologise to their players for sending them out to do that. Whatever about Armagh(no offence rufus) but Monaghan are better than that. They were beaten on the M1 Saturday morning.

What more can be said about us though? They’re the greatest team of all time in my eyes. They were in first gear for the entire game. Cruise control.

Championship starts now but I’m not sold on Tyrone either. They haven’t played a team outside of Ulster and the team’s in Ulster this year have been abysmal.

Super 8 my arse. There’ll be hammerings galore in that too


Good to see both mannion and Andrews chipping in with 3 from play - plenty of lads like Berno o Gara kevin Mc breathing down their chest for a start but the lads showed well and doing what they are there for


Super 8s will be a disaster unless they halve the ticket prices. Getting harder and harder to justify spending money on games that don’t even last fifteen minutes.


If Aido did it in fairness you’d call it out . No place for that codology


Thought the forward subs added nothing really .


I posted it yesterday. I genuinely was questioning my sanity for paying 35 quid for that yesterday


Anyone notice Cooper & McManus tangle after that incident ?


Cop on to yourself. When you mentioned the ref giving a yellow as evidence for Cooper being injured you lost any sort of credibility for your argument. What’s more is you know it.

Must’ve been some bang on the head you got when you fell from that big horse you were on last week.
Preaching about “principles” while condoning that sort of shite. Good luck.


I think it’s overreacting to the attacking threat O’ Connell and by extension Monaghan posed to play five forwards against them. And given the general level of Monaghan’s performance yesterday, I think it’s debatable whether it was a case of Lowndes snuffing him out or him just playing poorly like so many of his teammates.

Let me clarify I’m not having a go at Eric himself, who I’ve always liked for his toughness since I first saw him hurl as a seventeen year old and is a fine defender. But as last year progressed we became increasingly averse to taking risks in our play and IMO our conservatism almost cost us the All Ireland Final. I don’t want to see us go back down that road. Perhaps Gavin has notions of getting Lowndes to do the same job on Peter Harte but if so I’d rather not have seen us give Tyrone advance warning we plan on doing this.


O’Gara got on a good bit of ball and did well with it and was the most impressive sub as anytime he did get on ball he looked dangerous.

Berno could easily have scored 1-3. Flynn didn’t do a whole lot and MDMA made a few bursts forward.

Hard sometimes to make an impact in a game like that when there’s no intensity in it.


Lowering ticket prices won’t bring more people in. If a super 8 game is a foregone conclusion, they may as well put it on in O’Toole park. The Super 8 might be a disaster, with heaps of one sided and meaningless games. I hope I’m wrong.


Did you go to Bohs v Bray, I heard it was brutal?