All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm


I’d love to see golden balls O’Shea jump that high


Poetry in motion


He would if he had a cherry picker helping him


Eric Lowndes marked Karl O’Connell, a very influential Monaghan player, out of the game. I thought he did very well.


Some leap.

That photo nearly summed up the day with Monaghan stepping off Dublin to an extent and let them control and have the ball and that picture was from the very first throw in.


Correct sir. “dragged up” by the great Mick Holden R.I.P.


I know its done after every game, but have a look at who wasn’t involved yesterday. Makes for comforting reading for the most part. Connolly Howard McHugh Kev Mc Scully Costello and thats just in the forwards. Brogan and Flynn only off the bench. And were in the semi’s. What makes this team great is competition.


Says your man who writes, literally, stories because a player from a different team was judged to have dived :man_facepalming:t2:


Yeah everything I ever wrote about Aido was based on him diving … :smirk:

Good man - keep knocking your own. Not enough culchies doing it …


Step up for our newer lads too, not just the quali’y mate, the way that Tyrone play.


He most certainly wasn’t feigning anything, took a heavy knock. But the great Mick didn’t really believe in lying down unless one’s leg, arm or head was literally severed. I suppose Barney might have been seen as one of the milder, more delicate chaps on that team…


Was standing halfway up the hill , didn’t see any space off the steps where we were standing .Guess the problem with the hill if you don’t get there early enough you end up on standing on the steps .


I don’t think it’s a case of knocking our own , we all know how good and important Jonny is to the team but what he did yesterday was theatrics, a blatant dive , looking at McCaffreys one again it was the delayed reaction that made it look worse .

If other players were at it it should indeed be highlighted , by saying just because ‘he is one of our own’ it shouldn’t be frowned upon is wrong .


Looked alright when he was back on his feet.


I disagree. There was definitely physical contact. He definitely got hurt and was not feigning it imo. He didn’t start waving an imaginary card or anything and McManus got a yellow card. For nothing? Gas the way people can judge whether someone is hurt from tv or the stands. He may have banged his head on landing but he was certainly hurt.

I saw nothing wrong with the incident and certainly nothing to warrant the usual sh1t and abuse being thrown in the usual circles. I don’t see any need for us to add to that crap and would prefer to give one of our own the benefit of any doubt. He’s certainly earned that IMO.


Didn’t feign injury, got a savage hit and went down but Holden didn’t want any Dub showing weakness


For the life of me why is there so much thread on tippeetapgate





It’s admirable that you defend your clubmate, but sometimes it’s not right and I think if you take off your yellow and blue specs you’ll see you’re actually wrong. I’ve watched it back again and he does not get hit despite the efforts of the Monaghan player, and he does dive and he does hold a part of his head that there was deffo no contact. It’s embarrassing and there is no need for it.

The treatment? That’s a laugh if you’re using that as an excuse. I’m all for supporting our lads all the way, but sometimes it’s indefensible. I’ll say no more on it.


The yellow card?