All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm


You can see evidence of concussion from the stand? :joy::joy::joy:


I’m getting concussion from the back and forth over the cooper incident. Let’s all agree to move on from it!


Just for the record it was Dean’s da who was pulled up by his collar feigning injury against Kerry.


That’s the point. You wouldn’t see anything on Willie Joe’s blog about COC or Aido’s blatant cheating or Donaghy’s carry on on the Kerry sites yet two of our lads ship knocks and are being aciused of all sorts by our own. No benefit of the doubt at all. I love our moral fibre while the rest of the country f*** us over and try to discredit us at every turn over nothing incidents.

Anything to take the focus away from the football so as not to recognise this great Dublin team for what they do best.

Back to the game …


Agree on fitz. He made class intervention towards the end under the hill. Never spectacular but always seems to get a hand in. Reminds a bit of the way Paddy Christie used to go about his business, no frills but hugely effective.


He moped up Philly’s lack of match fitness


He looks a tad off the pace but still clued in enough to see the danger.


12 week bans it is😑

This is a nothing story hyped up to attack dublin and once again place them in the role is cartoon villain.


Job done and very professionally so but I expected more of Monaghan. On the basis of the last four or five seasons, you’d have to say they stand as a 42-legged monument to the difference between League and Championship.

Very few negatives bar the foreseeable sloppiness when the contest was over but without wishing to sound like a dog with a bone, I really didn’t get the point of placing Lowndes in the half forwards, effectively at expense of Scully. Eric played in that position looked exactly as you’d expect of a natural defender thrown into an attacking role at this level and stage of the Championship - like a fish out of water. His shooting, positioning and link up play all bore the hallmarks of a player well out of his comfort zone. That Scully remained as an unused sub throughout suggests we’re not going to see him again this summer, which seems unduly harsh to me. If he’s not seen as fit for purpose at this level and Lowndes proved last night he’s not the answer either, it strengthens the case for jettisoning Dermo back into the starting 15 next day.


Ah come on. He clearly wasn’t hurt. It was a dive, pure and simple. Cooper shouldn’t be hung out for it but I hope he is embarrassed enough to never do it again.


Who cares what Billy Joe and the rest of the country thinks, that’s a loser mindset. Motivation has to be intrinsic and if you’re looking for external validation you’re Barking up the wrong tree. The success of this team is due to their values and what they prioritise, honesty of effort as Giles would say, diving undermines that honesty and integrity. The player made a mistake, to acknowledge that and change it is a lot more beneficial then pretending it didn’t happen.


Not looking for validation at all … just equal treatment. No more on it from me.

Bit disappointed not to see Brian Howard get some game time.


I really don’t know, I can see the swing and I see contact. He was still down after McManus had his yellow. I would be surprised if he wasn’t hurt. I am not claiming to know100% either way, but given who it was, I would be surprised if he wasn’t hurt.


The overcrowding on the hill is getting beyond a joke at this stage , standing on the steps for the whole match ,as were hundreds of others .


It doesn’t look good in the clips I’ve seen but is there a chance Cooper could have hit his head on falling. Definitely wasn’t enough contact in the challenge to warrant the treatment he received.



That’s some fetch.


Not trying to be a smartarse but why didn’t you just move up and into the middle sections? There was plenty of room just as there always is. The Hill is never filled beyond capacity these days, even on All-Ireland Final days there’s space. You could argue the stewards shouldn’t be letting people stand on the yellow stairways but that’s a two-way street - people shouldn’t be standing there in the first place.


Eh hold your horses cowboy the success of the team is because they players are very good and we have a huge bench where if one is having an off day aon takes over
The manager happens to be excellent as well and has created a competitive team spirit where all fight for their positions
The bull interviews on tv is controlled so take away pressure from the team
Every great team played hard s , mulligan , Mullins ,Keegan etc etc
There is no honesty in sport we are here to win and break records and to dominate not to please the press or the farmers of this world

There is no honesty in life

Cooper record stands on its merits and he has gone through shit as we all know he has nothing to prove let’s not create another connolly gate it ain’t there

I want Dublin to dominate 4eva and Fock everyone else


Some of the comments online are shocking about cooper. there are real low lives out there