All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm


Hard to objectively judge a match that looked effectively like a non match after 5 minutes or so.
Monaghan had nothing and looked beaten before they started.
The next day will be our most difficult to date.
I still feel we are the best in Ireland and therefore we will beat Trone but it’ll be as tight as a fishes arse.
They are very good and should they beat us will have no fear of Kerry. Moot.
Dublin v Kerry. Again. Dreamy stuff as Moloney might say.


I’d hold out on the faux outrage til we are on the receiving end of it . The cards were issued for a reason. Are we now debating whether the opposition should be carded for fouls ? A peculier state of affairs considering the numerous dubious black cards awarded against us in recent times…


They dived, end of. Wait until you see the replays before you defend them! Ref got the cards wrong!


I told you McGeeney hasnt a clue, Armagh were atrocious, Dublin cruised to a facile win


It was a strange feeling coming out of game. If someone told me in May that we’d win our QF by an extremely comfortable 10 pts against a seasoned Div1 team, I’d have been very happy to hear that. But leaving the game I was a bit disappointed. We didn’t show the same killer instinct that we have in previous years under Gavin. That should have been a comfortable 20+ victory. This worries me. Monaghan were shocking, 5mins in you could see how this was going to pan out. I’m sure their supporters are extremely disappointed, these players are better than that, but they have a serious lack of belief.

On a more positive note, great to see MDMA and Flynn back. We are entering Semi Finals with no suspensions and no new injuries (that I’m aware of) and with one of the best players of the last decade to be added to squad. The step up in standard from teams played to date to Trone is seismic


Came out as expected a dull defensive set up rolled over by a partly performing attacking team. Monaghan’s tactics were awful how do you win a match with one forward most of the time, this Man marking on cluxtons kick outs back fired as gave Dublin lots of space when Dublin won the ball
Fitzy was immense wow best player on the pitch. Philly still off pace was caught out a few times, BB similar off. DMCA still has a bit to go. O Gara will be a good option against Tyrone.
Good to see jack getting back to form, CLuxton again a star.
Still think Dublin will be too much for Tyrone didn’t see anything yesterday to change my mind. Noticed Harte has four players following the ball when they are coming out of the puke defence set up unlike Monaghan which may make a bit of difference but really the only way to beat Dublin is what Kerry do and attack positively


Tyrone will be a step up on what we have faced so far. But for them we will be a massive massive step up on anything they have faced. They can’t even prepare for it because you really have to experience it … and most of them haven’t …


was i mistaken when i heard somebody say that none of the dublin forwards started in the forward line in 2014 against monaghon


No it’s correct and only 6 started last night that started that game

The 6 forwards were
10. Paul Flynn
11. Kevin McManamon
12. Diarmuid Connolly

  1. Alan Brogan
  2. Eoghan O’Gara
  3. Bernard Brogan


Cooper was an embarrassment. A fantastic player but should really just cop on and play football.

I’d worry about Tyrone, mayo, Kerry and Roscommon in that order.


I have to see Cooper incident again. But jin real time it looked like he was caught to me - same as Jack - both incidents happened in almost the same place. Are people saying there was no contact at all? Why was he treated then with the ref stood beside him?


Biggest positive for me was Fenton. Dominated the brothers Hughes I thought. Cian was back in the Rolls, orchestrating everything.

Placing Jack at wing back and Lowndes at wing forward means Lowndes will be the one to lose out on a starting place in the semi. Not that he’s done anything wrong, but can only start 15.

Now, the challenge starts. Dublin and Tyrone are miles ahead of everything else in Leinster and Ulster. Tyrone will certainly put it up to us.


Think it’s a stretch to call the Cooper incident a dive.


According to programme Dublin had 6 starters yesterday that started in 2014. Monaghan had zero starters yesterday that started in '14. That’s a huge transition for just 3yrs


Didnt see the Cooper incident but he seemed really annoyed with the Monaghan lad after he got up,


I make it 7 of the same starters for Monaghan … as distinct from none …

2014 …

  1. Rory Beggan (Scotstown)

  2. Conor Boyle (Clontibret)

  3. Drew Wylie (Ballybay)

  4. Colin Walshe (Doohamlet)

  5. Dessie Mone (Clontibret)

  6. Vinny Corey (Clontibret)

  7. Fintan Kelly (Clones)

  8. Dick Clerkin (Currin)

  9. Darren Hughes (Scotstown)

  10. Paudie Mc Kenna (Truagh Gaels)

  11. Paul Finlay (Ballybay)

  12. Kieran Hughes (Scotstown)

  13. Thomas Kerr (Ballybay)

  14. Chris McGuinness (Ballybay)

  15. Conor McManus (Clontibret)

2017 …

  1. Rory Beggan (Scotstown)

  2. Fintan Kelly (Clones)

  3. Drew Wylie (Ballybay)

  4. Ryan Wylie (Ballybay)

  5. Colin Walshe (Doohamlet – captain)

  6. Kieran Duffy (Latton)

  7. Karl O’Connell (Tyholland)

  8. Kieran Hughes (Scotstown)

  9. Darren Hughes (Scotstown)

  10. Gavin Doogan (Magheracloone)

  11. Dermot Malone (Castleblayney)

  12. Shane Carey (Scotstown)

  13. Ryan McAnespie (Emyvale)

  14. Darren Freeman (St Brigid’s, Dublin)

  15. Conor Mc Manus (Clontibret)


This joke shop has a twitter video of it:


So Cooper didn’t get caught in the face there? Jesus it’s bad enough this clickbait site goading it and the other pr1ck on Twitter at it too with the keyboard warriors calling Johnny a tramp


Watched the game back this morning and Cooper clearly dives.

Really no need for it at all and embarrassing, if big Aido did what he did he’d be hung out to dry here.

In fairness to Jack there was contact made to his head but nothing much and he got up quick enough, Cooper stayed down for an age like he’d been shot and then got the run around from Mc Carthy in the 2nd half who got 3 points off him before Copper got the curly finger.


Another INM/ Off the Ball type production.

Let them at it.