All-Ireland Ladies' Football Championship 2018 (Senior, Intermediate, Junior)


It’s for their own welfare.



Is it the same County Board for men and women? If so … this is gonna get messy!

[insert Gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn in cinema watching Thriller]


This is big news




Carnacon won like 18 out of 19 Mayo LSFC so this is bigger news to be honest. It opens up the doors for the likes of Hollymount-Carramore,


100%. Carnacon Ladies Football is very much more important than any possible impeachment of the US President. A job for Ban Ki Moon methinks.


Bean Ní Lúain?


She retired in 2011 due to injury, think it was her ACL.


Is there no end to your knowledge?


I don’t know the Erins Isle starting 15 :sunglasses:


That makes two of us


Meath look set to be in the AI intermediate final leading Roscommon 2-10 - 1-1 HT


Cork v Donegal in 5 minutes


Meaths defence has improved hugely in the last 12 months. This time last year their opponents, (it might have been Tipp), walked through them for handy scores. Today, especially in the first half they were much more solid. Hopefully we will have a Leinster double for the all Ireland .


Cork goal from Orla Finn palmed into the net set up by Ciara O’Sullivan.


HT Cork 1-6 Donegal 0-5

Cork -Orla Finn 1-3 (0-3f), Eimear Scally 0-2, Doireann O’Sullivan 0-1

Donegal - Karen Guthrie 0-4 (0-1f), Geraldine McLaughlin 0-1

Donegal should of had a goal before ht through Guthrie. Instead only a point out of it otherwise Cork would only be in front by 2.


FT Cork 2-11 Donegal 0-11

Cork back into the final.


Keep forgetting it’s a countdown clock in this. Switched it on and seen it was 1-00 to 0-01 with 25 mins on the clock and was thinking WTF :rofl:


What is the TG4 reception like over there?