All-Ireland Ladies' Football Championship 2018 (Senior, Intermediate, Junior)


No. They could have won.


Just the one Senior Quarterfinal this weekend between Donegal vs Armagh.

Next Week Cork vs WM, Dublin vs Kerry, Galway vs Mayo


Cork vs Westmeath is on tomorrow…


Just saw it now. Thanks for the heads up. It must of been moved. Originally scheduled for the 11th. Now a double header with Intermediate game with Wicklow and Sligo.


Must have


I think Westmeath are in for a real hammering today. Similar to Cork v Galway qf in 2017



HT Cork 3-5 Westmeath 0-3

Cork - Libby Coppinger 1-1, Eimear Scally 1-0, Aine O’Sullivan 1-0, Orla FInn 0-3 (0-2f), Doireann O’Sullivan 0-1

Westmeath - Leanne Slevin 0-2 (0-1f), Maud Annie Foley 0-1

As expected very routine and comfortable for Cork.


8-18 to 1-06. Cork forwards very good but zero challenge from Westmeath. Cork v Donegal in semi final. Imagine will be a Cork victory to get them back to Croke Park.

6 days to Dublin’s 1/4 final and they still don’t know where the game is on. Ladies Associations really don’t help themselves at times.


FT Cork 8-18 Westmeath 1-6 POTM Libby Coppinger (St Colums)

Cork - Eimear Scally 2-3, Saoirse Noonan 1-5 (0-2f), Ciara O’Sullivan 2-1, Orla Finn 0-7 (0-3f), Libby Coppinger 1-1, Doireann O’Sullivan 1-1, Aine O’Sullivan 1-0

Westmeath - Aoife Connolly 1-1, Lenne Slevin 0-3 (0-1f), Maude Annie Foley 0-1, Johanna Maher 0-1

No contest at all. Ciara O’Sullivan scored 2 goals and assisted 2 more after all the defensive work in the first half. As Tallabob said can’t really take much out of this as Cork got 6 goals against Galway last year at this stage and lost to Mayo in the semi-final.


Weren’t the quarter finals supposed to be at the home ground of the group winners?


Don’t think that was ever the case 1/4 finals have traditionally been at neutral venues.

It should have been that group winners get home advantage. Would put a greater emphasis on getting results in the group stage plus would also help the attendances at the games.

Attendance at Limerick yesterday was terrible couple of hundred max. Doesn’t help that Tg4 cameras look into the completely empty stands.


Galway vs Mayo- Sunday 12/08/18 3pm Dr Hyde Park Roscommon
Dublin vs Kerry- Sunday 12/08/18 5pm Dr Hyde Park Roscommon.

7 hour round trip from Killarney to The Hyde. Some trek for Kerry players and supporters.


I’ve little Irish so I can’t follow the commentary . But whom ever it was with the mic should be taken off air . Christ he was hard to listen too


Brian Tyers?


See if Mayo have Galway’s number again tomorrow.


He certainly tyres me when I listen to him


Link for Galway-Mayo not working at the moment.



Can’t believe they won’t be at the Pope’s gig in Croker.