All-Ireland Ladies' Football Championship 2018 (Senior, Intermediate, Junior)


why indeed, why why why indeed.

what could possibly be the difference between the mayo team then and now.

what club could almost all of those who have left be from.

is there a family relationship between the selector who has left and one of the players?

questions, questions, questions…


Very noticelable no Carnacon players young or old.

Also no Aileen Gilroy starting. She was an all-star last year.


She is a sub for Saturday. All Carnacon players have followed Cora out the door.


The mask is beginning to slip from St Cora!!!


Mayo 3.23 Cavan 4.13

Cora who???


3-22 from play is impressive

Could unit them more now.


Good scoring alright but to concede 4-13 against a vert average Cavan team must be a concern, a good win none the less given the awkward week they had. You could see the relief in the group after the game. Definitely will unite the squad left now. Mayo Manager still didn’t address the issue of the absent players in interview after the game


He has now!!


No he doesn’t
That article is a regurgitation of the statement he gave after the game, he doesn’t clarify what the personal reasons are and instead reverts to the old fail safe of " letting the process take its course", while declaring all the support he has.


Said there was an agreement in place not to wash the laundry in public. Got to respect that!


If it was serious enough to lead to so many players to feel they had to leave the panel, then surely it’s important for supporters to know what they may or may not be supporting, no ? .


yes, and no doubt it will come out, but if there is an agreement in place to say nowt then he is better to do that than keep the inquisitive punters happy!!!


More about alleviating supporters concern than keeping punters happy.
There was an agreement PUT in place not to publicly disclose the issue, according to the manager. I think it’s reasonable to assume from the fact that the manager felt the need to list and name those of whom support him in his brief statement that he is a party to the issue and should possibly have stood aside till the matter is resolved. That would remove any dilemma some supporters may have and lend some integrity the “process”. We will wait and see.


There are two sides to every story … and then there is the truth. I don’t know what size boots Cora takes but …

Also it may not be feasible or fair to equate pro Australian sport with Mayo ladies … just an observation.


Mayo 3-23 Cavan 4-13

Wow! So many goal chances. I think I counted at least 7 for Cavan. I’m probably stating the obvious but extremely open game. Mayo started to look like pulling away when Bronagh Sheridan dropped her free short straight in the Aishling Sheridan who off-loaded to Aisling Maguire for the Cavan goal. Then Mayo got their first goal when Grace Kelly round Joanne Moore and fired in the back of the net. Then Cavan had about 3 good goal chances before half time. Donna English and Sinead Greene stopped by Sorcha Murphy. Finally Donna English before half time getting Cavan’s 2nd green flag. Sarah Rowe led the line up front playing in the Cora position scoring 5 from play. Niamh Kelly with 5 as well. Grace Kelly could of easily had a second goal just moments after her first after a poor kick-out was picked off by Kathryn Sullivan. Mayo should of been out of sigh before ht but instead were only up 4. Grace Kelly’s 2nd goal was a fantastic placed shot into the top left corner. But again it was striking how shaky Mayo’s defense looked as they conceded 2 more Cavan goals through Aisling Sheridan and Catherine Dolan. Sarah Rowe responded with a goal of her own and once the sin-bin to Donna English was given that killed the game off as a contest. Niamh Kelly had a goal bound effort rattle off the cross bar late on and Fiona Doherty had an effort saved as well. The full forward line combining for 3-18 of Mayo’s 3-23 (Grace Kelly 2-6, Sarah Rowe 1-7, Niamh Kelly 0-5). It was a great attacking display by Mayo but if they do make it to quarterfinals that back 6 doesn’t look up to it


1 Change to the starting team for Kerry
No 17 Kate O Sullivan replaces No 3 Sarah Murphy

Change on starting 15 for Donegal
No 22 Anna Marie Mcglynn replaces No 7 Emer Gallagher


HT Donegal 1-7 Kerry 1-2

Donegal had a missed penalty from Eilish Ward. They should be further in front.

Donegal - Eilish Ward 1-2, Geraldine McLaughlin 0-3 (0-2f), Katy Herron, Aoife McDonnel, Karen Guthruie 0-1 each

Kerry - Amy Foley 1-1, Sarah Houlihan 0-1f


FT Donegal 1-13 Kerry 3-6

Donegal - Geraldine McLaughlin 0-7 (0-4f), Eilish Ward 1-2, Katy Herron, Aoife McDonnell, Karen Guthruie, Yvonne Bonner 0-1 each

Kerry - Amy Foley 1-1, Sarah Houlihan 0-4 (0-2f), Amanda Brosnan and Louise Ni Mhuircheartaigh 1-0 each, Andrea Murphy 0-1


Wow that appears to have been very close and exciting. Glad I missed it.


If Donegal were sharper they could of won by 10 points. They gave up 2-2 I think while Lorraine Scanlon was in the sin bin for Kerry.