All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


As I said, you simply can’t handle it. Westmeath beat your under 21s. Walter Walsh would not have got onto your B team in 2008. Save all of these posts if you think I am wrong - and you can copy and paste them back for all to see- when I am proven wrong. I won’t be. Tipp and others will beat Cats for the next few years. You are now at least 7 players off an All Ireland winning team. You are bunched at full back, centre back, midfield, centre forward and have TJ for number 14. Richie is pure class. 2 swallows don’t make a summer!


If Kilkenny are 7 off winning Liam, how many are we off ?




That is a fair question. It’s hard to answer as I haven’t seen Dub hurlers for a while. I would give us a decent chance against Cats in 2017. Take what you will from that.


Tipp were a good bit better on the day but not sure Kilkenny are quite 7 players short, / couple of injuries to key tipp layers and it’d be wide open.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking because Kilkenny aren’t landing regular minor or 21 titles that the talent pool has dried up. Nothing surer then 2 or 3 making the grade from underage teams not rated because they didn’t land titles.


7 off a winning team.your definietly having a laugh.just watch the talent come through in the next year.


Fine. Let’s see what happens next year so.


Could you name some names? Genuinely curious.


Evan cody.john walsh.richie leahy.tommy walsh.luke scanlon.chris bolger.also lennon blanchfield kelly all will come on with a year under their belts at senior.


Exactly. Next year might draw a blank ok but some good young lads there developing away could come good 2 years from now. The biggest issue might be if Mr Cody stays on though to develop these lads. A new manager might feel pressure to deliver straight away and lose focus on developing the younger lads.

All if and buts. Waterford could come to the fore, but we thought Clare would and they never did. Tipp don’t have a history for staying at the top too long.

Kilkennys great asset is nobody in Leinster looks like taking over from them. They’ll be in Ai quarters most years and from there on who’d really want to get them?


Can’t see them doing five in a row though!


Our seniors wouldn’t beat the Waterford u21s in my view


2 in every 3 will do.


In your dreams. Joey’s Holden, not good enough. Prendergast, not good enough. Both destroyed by Clare, never mind Tipp. Who will command centre back? Not clear as of now. Who will replace Mick Fennelly? As for the forwards, Walter Walsh, not good enough. Rarely scores. Larkin, finished. Apart from Blanchfield, the other new forwards this year were found out. How many Kilkenny players would get on the Tipp team? When you have answered that, then tell me I am mad for saying Kilkenny are 7 players off an All Ireland winning team. It’s actually more than seven.


E.murphy paul murphy p.walsh cillian.mick fen fogarty tj walter richie ger awlyard colin fennelly.all good enough thats when I went to school 15 -11 = where you get 7 or 8 O dont taking 4 lennon kelly bolger john walsh evan cody richie leahy connor delaney jason cleere scanlon blanchfield etc.sure we will get 4 and more out of them.


I’d disagree with WW, otherwise hard to argue with.

Only comment to make is these days you need 20 lads of the proper standard not 15- finishing team often stronger than the starting one.


Most cases thats true.but we won in 15 playing no more than 17 players(but take your point).young players I have mentioned are all very exciting.also codys hunger to win it back will be huge.


Cody doesn’t get to play.

I’ve been watching KK vs Dublin at under age for years. KK are not producing them like they used to. Cody may well have won his last All Ireland. And he may know it too.


This is Dublins big problem we think we’re flying it by beating Kilkenny and the rest at 14 15 16. Still no all irelands coming at minor or 21 though. We’re not really progressing. To be talking about Kilkenny falling backwards because they aren’t cleaning up at underage is ridiculous. They know how to develop seniors. We’re the opposite great at developing 14 to 16/17 year olds then it evens out. By 22 we’re back behind again