All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


I agree and disagree with thoughts. Yes a county with the standing that hurling has in Tipperary should have won more than 5 since 1971. But since 1999, the greatest team probably in GAA history has come around in Kilkenny. I would add at least 2009 and 2011 as All Irelands that Tipperary should have won. Definitely 2009. And in my humble opinion the single biggest event that happened that stopped Tipperary winningg at least 2 or 3 all Irelands since 2010 was the mass resignation of the 2010 mgt team. That was a disaster that happened at the worst possible time. Couple that with the brilliance of KK.


Kilkenny were good from 99-2005. Certainly not great. Sure Cork were well able to beat them and Galway too. Look at Tipp’s record in that period.

Look at Tipp’s record from 2012- 2015.

Better again look at tipp’s record from 1992- 2001.

Tipp’s problems run a lot deeper then kilkenny.


Spotted this today


I can see that being hung on the wall in the Nolan park dressing room!! Unfortunately for Tipp, their “Bang” is normally met with a “bang bang” the following year!!!


Mick fennelly back ger awylard back and some good young ones coming through.kk will be there


After their loss to Tipp in 2010, some genius in the Kilkenny People wrote an article predicting a decade of dominance for Tipp. Said that too many Kilkenny players were over the hill. The headline of the article was “So Long Boys And Thanks For The Memories.” That was put up on the KK dressing room wall the following year. I read an interview with one of the retired KK players, talking about it.


Fennelly will do well to get back, seems to pick up a lot of injuries and doesnt look terribly fit. Awylard broke into a dominant team, different thing to have to do it yourself.


Fennelly always produced in midfield player of the last 5-6years.also plenty of good young hurlers to come for kk.leahy walsh cleere bolger walsh scanlon.well has far from gone dry.


Fennelly is what? 31 now? With his injury problems hard to see him going in to mid 30s. Eoin Larkin 32. Hard to replace the irreplaceable over and over again. Kilkenny did a fair job of replacing legends of the game over the last few years as they stepped out of the team but it looks like it might catching up with yiz now, finally … hopefully.

It’s all well and good to say there’s underage talent coming through, but will they gel into brilliant seniors? will they gel into a brilliant team? There have been loads of good young hurlers in Galway over the last decade, doesn’t guarantee anything.

The well will seldom run dry for long in Kilkenny, you will always be there or there abouts but they’re going to go backwards before going forwards again i think and will have a lot of work to do to dominate like the have done for the last decade.


Youngsters have a good team to come into and a brillant msnager who knows how to bring them onfennelly reid hogan murphy will show them what it takes to be top onter county hurlers.pretty confident we will back stronger than ever…


I’ve no doubting you’ll be back but stronger then the 08 team? Will take some doing.


We’ll never see the likes of them again. KK are in trouble at under age and no matter how good Cody is he can’t make silk purses out of sow’s ears. They may come again and even win All Irelands but there’s no current evidence to suggest they will come close to being as dominant as the four in a row team.


absolutely no chance. you’ll win all Irelands here and there but the days of you doing 3 in a row are over. You’ve nothing like Tipp’s conveyor belt coming through


I wouldn’t be trusting that belt, been known to come off the rollers…


Dont agree were in trouble at under age.may not be winning minor or u21 last few years but players are still there.


Also still say were the dominant team .won the last 2 and beaten in this years final .won 2 out of 3 before 4 out of 6 and beaten in a final minus fennelly and awlyard.sounds dominant 2 me.


THat doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Surely if the players were there you’d be winning under age!!!


Think I know what he means. It’s that there are still excellent players coming through, just not in the same groups that make an excellent team


No. Kilkenny don’t have a sufficiency of serious players to strike fear any more. It may be hard for them to believe but it’s a fact. They over achieved this year in the championship. Look at what a poor Clare team did to them in the league. It will take them at least 3 years to win Mc Carthy again and if Tipp stay strong, maybe longer. Kilkenny will never rule again the way they have, and thank Christ for that, for the good of hurling. I admire them but they have enough won for a while.


No.padraiig walsh walter ger awlyard kevin kelly john power all beaten by clare at u21 yet have proven better seniors.lost 2 dublin in the minor this year but best 2 players on the park in my opinion were donnelly and mullen.also what about galway big under age success no seniir all ireland.