All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Looked very good .but you have to plan without him unless he changes his mind.


I’m with the Lone Ranger here. Not convinced by Cronin at IC.
Although he has had a great couple of years for Cuala.


except you wouldn’t be bringing him in to hit scores, apart from the odd one here or there - win ball and work it to the lads around you
which is a huge problem for us
at least have him and similar lads there for a Plan B or C and a change of pace as needed during a game


I hadnt been convinced by his IC performances to date either, but he didnt get a huge number of chances at IC level yet, a lot of lads find it hard to make the step up initially. It might be a case that it’s winter hurling and club level where he’s doing well but a MOTM in the leinster club final suggests he’s worth another chance at some point. He reminds me a bit of Niall and Timmy McCarthy maybe not the worlds most skillful players but great engines and pace made them effective in their own way.


quite happy to see him get another shot but it’s either o dwyer or him not both


Agreed. Now if someone can get a hold of con’s phone and text Jim that 'I’m not interested" we’re laughing.


Would be some ff line alright. Jaysus!


Some excitement building up here for the league wha!


That’s what happens when you kick things off with a game between two weak-ish counties


whoops i posted on the wrong thread. :joy:

i really got to get back on the sauce.


Glad you’re not one of the main men here …


Did another of his ___________________ acts on Sunday


Nice one Charles .


Jesus Christ, locking this one up!