All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


TJ Reid


Larkin was a remarkable team player and very underrated. Couldn’t make Kilkenny team at minor and only made 21’s in his last year. Got his break with Kilkenny when James Stephens won club All Ireland in 2005 and never looked back since. With Mick Fennelly injured too its a great chance for Tipperary to make their mark next year


Comerford: 6 all irelands and was an auto choice when Taggy was in and out of the team.
Id have taggy at 8 behind tJR but aheah of fennelly and WW. Dj 12th


DJ no. 1…you can throw the rest in behind him.


I’d have Richie Hogan well ahead of Power.

Well ahead


I think Power (and Jackie Tyrrell) are playing in the Leinster Intermediate Final this weekend?!


Just Power is playing with Carrickshock. Jackies club is James Stephens.

They will win it too as Celbridge are missing their best player as he got sent off the last day.


Henry for me is/was No. 1


Of course - my bad! Kiltale not too enamoured with the Kilkenny men after the semi either. Carrickshock were in KK senior final in '13 and only relegated for the one year. Hard to see them lose.

Good to see Ratoath in junior final too. … eh Alan?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe Cuala should have played them in a challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Richie and John Power for Carrickshock (Richie coming off the bench)
Also Michael Rice, John Tennyson, John Dalton

Appeal in the morning for the Celbridge player who was sent off the last day


I was wondering which ones you thought were only great when they were 10 points up


Thanks RMH - Meant Tennyson earlier not Tyrell - that was reason for brain freeze! The lad was poetry in motion … :relieved:


Larkin a huge loss for Kilkenny


Yep. Tipp should dominate the next two years or longer.


Only 32 as well, like Bart says, always seemed to get vital scores for them.


Brillant player larkin.fetch solo and score sealed 2011 final.point over the black spot in 2014 final while runing towards the sideline was inspirational.class act.


What think ye of Con O’Callaghan ? Shooting the lights out a the moment. I saw ger cunningham was at the Leinster final. Probably went home crying


Con and Cronin would add a lot to the setup. I know Cronin’s striking has looked laboured at county level in the past but i think he’s sharpened it up and he has a great engine.


Not convinced on the latter. This is winter hurling.

Con-Kilkenny-Costello would have won us the AI in 2013 in a canter.