All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Is Hyperbole the new In Word…I’ve edited my initial comment so you can understand what I mean, or would you like me to draw you a picture…

With all due respect, I was referring to other posters on the thread, not my belief. And I’m far from a keyboard warrior, having played the game and supported Dublin Hurlers for a long time. I’ve probably got Football Socks that are older than you…


Jaysus I hope you wash them …

LiamMac one of the soundest here Lostcause - think you misread - definitely not a keyboard warrior…


Never wash them, you never know when you’ll be called again :slight_smile:


fair enough on the edit. it reads better now.

and agree with you re Tony Kelly, a savage hurler up there with Austin Gleeson as the outstanding talents of this generation in my opinion


But other than that, what has he done for the game?


He goes missing. Rumour has it TK is actually the Milk Tray Man



There’s only 1 of ‘us’ I believe :slight_smile: And I didn’t make the above comments RE:Danny.


Gleeson would eat him alive


Has anyone ever seen Bart and the milk tray man in the same room?


I think your engine is broken


Sheer brilliance.


Roll me one of those please chief!


Ah yes, I remember it well


Eoin Larkin has retired

It’s ok they’ve got Walter


The writing was on the wall for eoin after this years all ireland.
Great Player overall though, would probably make the top 6 forwards of the cody era


What a player though . Often got the score when they needed it . A lot of the other Kilkenny forwards were great when they were 10 points up


Which ones were those again?


RWF 10 Henry Shefflin
CF 11 John Hoyne
LWF 12 Tommy Walsh Substituted off 45’
RCF 13 D. J. Carey ©
FF 14 Martin Comerford
LCF 15 Eddie Brennan Substituted off 69’

10 Richie Hogan
11 Henry Shefflin
12 Eoin Larkin
13 Eddie Brennan
14 Richie Power
15 Aidan Fogarty

10 Eddie Brennan Substituted off 60’
11 Richie Power
12 Henry Shefflin
13 Colin Fennelly
14 Eoin Larkin
15 Richie Hogan Substituted off 65’

10 Michael Fennelly
11 Colin Fennelly
12 T. J. Reid
13 Walter Walsh
14 Richie Power
15 Eoin Larkin


Richie Power
Richie Hogan

in that order IMO


Hard to argue with that though Aidan Fogarty was always a man for the big occasion. Would him instead of Comerford