All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Waterfords u21 team were a joy to watch, in fact Waterford were pretty unlucky not to beat Kilkenny this year. Thought tipps performance in the final was electric. But agree it was a dull enough championship overall.


Interesting article in Sunday Times sports supplement speculating about the identity of Brian Cody’s successor. It suggests that a current selector may have been touted but will no longer be involved, as mentioned on here recently!


Maybe he’d be the man to bring Setanta on to the next level!


He might just be Charles! He’d probably get his game too!


Are you glad to see Brian staying on? Is he right or taking a risk?


Tony Kelly is currently the best hurler in Ireland in my humble opinion. The All Stars are a joke at this stage.


Great achievement by Ballyea. Tony Kelly was class again. 2,3 players of starting team came from west Clare which would have no tradition for hurling and played for Ballyea under isolated rule. Delighted for them.


Tony Kelly the best "missing " player in Ireland . Anyone who thinks he isn’t anything other then a fabulous player is an idiot


You have such a gentle turn of phrase!


Lovely Bart. I’ve sorted you out before and will again!
I would again invite you to re-watch Clares championship matches from 2016 but you prefer to come on here making wild comments based on club matches.


I’d point you in the direction of his player of the year award - that’s awarded for being the best inter county player in Ireland

Unlikely he picked it up at the Ballyhea Christmas Mart


Tony Kelly, in his early twenties, has won:

Under 21 Hurling All Ireland
Senior Hurling All Ireland
Hurler of the Year
Young Hurler of the Year
National League
Clare Senior Hurling Championship
Munster Senior Hurling Championship
And I am fairly sure the list is longer
and that’s only in hurling!

Not bad for a lad that drifts in and out of games!


Jesus lads are some really questioning Tony Kelly? The chap is a good a hurler as any that’s gone before or plays now, genius player.

Could gladly go missing in games for me if he was with Dublin


Only one person really


Good grief. OK, you don’t like TK. He is a couple of steps above any other player I’ve seen this year. Absolutely class. If you can’t see that, you’re either blind, or just here to create a row for the sake of it.

I think you have the ‘c’ and ‘b’ mixed up in your username.


No disrespect but so is Danny Sutcliffe…




Not directed at you @Tayto. There’s a few posters on here who can’t except TK is currently one of the best hurlers in the country. Yet on another thread rate Danny as the best thing since sliced bread, and they believe that the fact he walked away from Dubs panel this year cost us the season.


Ah get you, i thought you were saying Danny didnt rate TK :thinking:


a bit heavy on the hyperbole… still an amateur game albeit managed by semi professionals. Danny walked for his own reasons, he didnt go on newstalk or twitter to bad mouth anyone. He had given 3 years dublin minor ( one as a dual before paddy christie rules were allowed in), 3 years dublin u21, 5 years Dublin senior without break and a keyboard warrior decides its Danny who cost us the season. FFS