All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


The other Kelly, Tony is giving an exhibition on TG4! You are right about Peter though. If there is to be a revolt, now is the time to do it.


Corcoran and Paul Ryan too. This is about to get very ugly.


Some display by Tony K. Kept Ballyea in the game by himself. Great win against the odds.


Not bad for a lad who goes MISSING. Charles how are you?


Kelly, Durkin & Ryan gone by their own choice. Plunkett, Corcoran & Johnny Mc dropped. That’s what I heard anyway.


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Brillant display by tony kelly.a joy to watch.however sarsfields left that game behind today.


Absolutely agree with that. Sars were better hurlers in terms of skill but lacked heart. Not the first time that they have been accused of that, unfortunately.Maher was serious at centre back. Again, Corbett did not deliver.


Yes Thurles should have killed off game in 1st half


Just watched it back. They were far better players but ballyea have some drive and fight. Tony Kelly is an amazing talent.


WTF? I was in work, so missed large portions of the game. The bits I saw, Thurles were by far the better team, I genuinely thought a 10+ points win was on the cards… F**k me pink. Will look up that replay on TG4 now! Shocked by that!


Jaysus you’re easily shocked …

Btw Did you hear Ireland beat the All Blacks?


In Tiddlywinks?? :slight_smile:

I know a few Sars folk quite well, and was hearing good things. They’d be my favourite non Dub club, probably would have gone to the game if I wasn’t working… Capiche?


Terrific player at club level:baby:


Maher didn’t handle Brennan well for last 2 goals.
Brennan could be an answer to a lot of Clares’s problems if they could persuade him onto the hurling panel


Remember the days when Noel Skehan was unique in having won 9 Senior All-Ireland Hurling medals?

Enjoy your retirement, Jackie.


Jackie was everything cody wanted in a defender.brillant player and leader.nice man two.marrying a dub next month.


How would he be fixed for managing a senior team …


Well hes marrying a dub,works in dublin.would be a big step up on cunningham.why not


Found it hard to get interested in the All-I final at all, even after Tipp won. Status quo so entrenched at this stage it’s seriously lacking in attraction despite some cracking games at times. The decline of the Munster Championship is a part of it, and of course Clare’s abject failure to build on 2013.

Hurling desperately needs a Galway or Waterford win at this level (those are realistic) to get the mojo back.