All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


If you were so certain they hadn’t a hope you’d gladly offer the 25/1 (or a more realistic 5/2 perhaps). Fact is you’re hiding behind your ridiculous odds.

Come out with something better (+ a means of ensuring a pay up…so you cant welch) and I will gladly take you up on it. If not, whisht your nonsense


Go home and change your nappy Charles. I knew you’d bottle it. You know jack about hurling and everyone on here can see that. I’m going to stop this now to save the moderators the bother. Let other lads waste time on you. You’re dead to me. Good luck.


You’re the only guy who thinks he can’t win ball. it’s absurd the idea that a hurler of the year can’t win any ball.

Absurd. Give me a shout when Walter wins hurler of the year.





Charles just wet himself when’s Walter got his All Star


Hard to believe Brendan Maher didn’t merit one but looking at his bird I’d say he’s happy enough


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:268, topic:878”]
Hard to believe Brendan Maher didn’t merit one but looking at his bird I’d say he’s happy enough
[/quote]Neither All Ireland winning captain gets an All Star again…


Indeed. On the odd occasion there are more important things than sport :wink:


He’s a winner all right.


Shite talk mate.kk will be at least 11/4 or 3s in the bookies.I will back the cats with you if you give me 3s


You boys clearly aren’t the brightest sparks. My point was that KK will not win next year. If you are that confident that they will, why are you clamouring for odds from me? Now actually think about that before you give a rant answer. My original point was that KK are 7 players away from an All Ireland winning team. I stand by that. How many of your players would start for Tipp? Richie, T.J. and …


Murphy, Murphy, Walsh, Fogarty, fennelly would be definites.

Buckley, Fogarty, c fennelly and alyward thereabouts


No. Mick Fennelly was a beast but is injured badly. Will he be back? Eoin Murphy I doubt. Who would Fogarty replace? Who would Walsh replace? Who would Aylward replace? The Tipp half backs and midfield are all big men and good hurlers. Their forwards are big and able to hurl. I suppose it is all very subjective nd opinion based. I am content to wait until the 2017 championship to be proven wrong or right.


Plunkett, McCaffrey and Kelly gone now as well?


Where did you get that?


I heard that a couple of weeks ago too


Kelly is the one we can’t afford to lose. The others I think are done to be honest at this level


Gone or cut from squad? Surely not cut? Gone as not happy with management we presume?


Kelly could tip the balance there I think into a revolt.