All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


J.K. Brackens would be my club (strictly they do not cover the parish as Killea never actually merged when the three of Templemore Clonmore Killea were supposed to)


How long have you been in Tipp? For the two games against Kerry in Thurles in 2001, I had to set off quite late each day but managed to get there on time for both games by avoiding the N/M 8 and continuing on the N/M 7 and turning off at Roscrea towards Thurles via Templemore. I can remember a house having a Dublin flag on a pole in the garden on the main road, somewhere near Templemore. I think of that house/flag when I see your moniker.


in other words beeko knows where you live.


im way out in the country in the boglands, but not too far ffrom templemore. been here 16 years, but there are a lot of us about down here (not including the garda students) so you would certainly see flags out for the important matches.

oddly enough, i actually got the train from templemore to thurles for some reason for those games - one of the trains had the cover connecting the carraiges missing so it was scary going from one to the other.


Could it have been a stray nenagh flag :smiley:


I’m not from Ballymun Charles. You didn’t whip anything. We’ll see how 2017 goes.


In terms of skill level i’d say Paul Ryan is ahead of WW.

Now you could argue that WW is a more effective player as his size and ball winning is a real asset but it’s hard to compare different types of player and especially when WW one is playing for one of the top sides int he country and the other plays in a top 6/8 side.


I’d agree with you there Tayto. PR has better skill.

I see WW has an all-star nomination! Not bad for someone who supposedly is not good enough.


I hope he enjoys it Charles. He won’t be getting one next year. Also Charles, and I know you won’t agree with this, but in my humble opinion, the All Stars are now so subjective as to be irrelevant. They are based on the All Ireland semifinals and finals. Therefore many savage forwards such as a few Clare lads, might not be considered! Even though they are much better than…that man! Leinster semifinal, Cats score 1.25 of which WW got 0.2. Leinster Final Cats got 1.26. WW got 0.2. First game V Deise he got 1.1 of 1.21. For replay he got 1 point of 2.19. For All Ireland final, he got 1 point of 2.20. Suck it up Charles, you bluffer.


You’re an adopted Ballymun man though :wink:


He’s still a few months as an Apprentice left. But making good progress.


For the championship as a whole, He scored more from Play than Tj Reid, and as much as Noel Mc Grath. in the same circumstances. Are they also shit players? What about Joe canning who also scored far less (albeit in less games)
The savage forwards clare have? Bunch of fairies incapable of winning a 50 50 ball, especially Tony Kelly whose performances in big game have been dismal since 2013.

And by the way WW scored 1:3 in his MOTM final, not 1:1 as was bluffed above.


You need to have your med’s reviewed chief!


Suck it up Iomaint, you bluffer


Such a gentleman!


Just responding in the ruffians own language!:older_woman:


The actual Charles Babbage invented the computer. You, my friend, are no Charles Babbage. You should reread your last post re WW and see can you spot the errors yourself. Quod erat demonstrandum !


Christ lads give it a rest


Bluff on!! you mightn’t get caught next time


Tony kelly a fairy ? That’s just silly comment I’m afraid

A wonderful player. Trying to say Walter Walsh is superior to Kelly is like arguing James Mc Clean is superior to Ronaldo

Walsh is a fine hurler . I disagree with iomaint on that point. But a stylist he isn’t . He does a particular role for Kilkenny very well but he has the likes of Richie Hogan , fennelly , Larkin around him .
Without two of them them next season it will be interesting to see how effective he is .