All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm


Dub cat Mick Fennelly will hardly be back. Walter has been found out. That brings you to 9 and not all of them have shone this year. You will have injuries and you need a panel of 20 these days. Having no decent subs this year hurt ye. As I said, more than 7 players away. The main point is that the nucleus of the savage team is gone. The spine of the team from 3 to 14 is gone and so is the fear factor. The number of leaders and experienced warriors in the dressing room is hugely reduced. Ye are back among the pack now and Tipp have gone ahead.


I made the point that Dublin were beating KK regularly. I made the point to illustrate how KK have gone back, not how Dublin have gone forward. KKs 21s in particular have been very, very average now for years. That’s going to tell, no matter how good they have been at getting seniors through. Most of those winning seniors were winners at underage too. The current crop aren’t.


Disagree.mick will be back and walter was named in the rte team of the someone who attented all but 1 game last year walter and padraig walsh were our 2 best performers.we will wait and see how 17 will for me my money will be down on the cats.


That is nonsense about Walter being good enough as he scores ■■■■ all but good luck anyway.


Scored crucial goal in 12 replay v galway.made the goal for tj last year.scored goal in semi v waterford.laid on colins goal in replay v waterford.growing into a leader for kk.will be in the team of the year.


Effective but blunt instrument. If you think he’s anything like near the ability of your best teams, your whole judgementmyst be called into question,


Re Walter Walsh harsh looking at his scores only. He’s a good man for bringing others into play running at defences and laying off passes.

Expect to see him move into 14 and cause a lot of problems for teams in the future, you should see his scores per game increase then


No. He is not good enough. End of.


The next Christy Heffernan?


Name a dublin forward that’s better than him



What, too soon?


Try again, he’s a Jude’s forward and on the performances of the last 2 years, he’s not better than the big W


Danny. Dotsy. Trollier. Finno. Walter didn’t touch the ball when Schutte marked him in the famous replay. Walter is big and has a big hand…and is not a patch on any decent scoring Kilkenny forward of the last 15 years. Bring it on Babbage!


Trollier .are you having a laugh. never hits a ball come championship.
Dotsy…in his prime , yes. 2016 he’s not even a definite starter for dublin.
Danny…see previous post.
Who said WW was better than a KK forward? I asked if a dub forward could be named.
To me the only contender is M Schutte and WW has been better than him over the last say 4 years.


All in your opinion of course.


Finno not get a rating from you Charles? Or is he beneath you…


Dare I ask…but who’s Finno?


Fionntáin Mac Gib.


Is he Fionntán MacGibb (have to be careful with that one).
Lets put this into context: WW has been MOTM in an all-ireland Final


Depends on what Gaeltacht your Teacher came from :grin: