All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Aside from the recycled roof …


Ah they have to botch the job in some way … and it was a perfectly good roof




Will see CCC look at Kieran Kingston and Rock abusing the linesman too? Kingston nearly dancing in front of linesman.


Galway and Cork the form teams currently


Looking that way, that’s s very impressive two games from cork. Whelan is maturing nicely after breaking through very young. Having said that Wexford will give them a right rattle in the Leinster final.


Cork may have a clear path back to the AI final

I think they’ll be favourites to edge Clare which would leave them in a semi final but unlikely against Tipperary who they have met before - so more likely Kilkenny Wexford etc who they would have a great chance against - this is assuming Galway win Leinster


If cork get to the final having beaten tipp, Waterford, Clare and Kilkenny and beat Galway in the final, no one can accuse them of s softball Ireland! :yum:


When Cork last won it a dozen years ago and moved to the top of the roll of honour they were insufferable. Kilkenny reeled them in and are way ahead now. Will Cork learn the lesson? Probably not. Huge crowd of them there today. Good to see the band wagon filling up again now that the rugby is over … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The interest in rugby in cork peaked about 10 years ago when I first moved down.

Know a good few lads who follow the hurling through thick and thin, GAA accounts probably wouldn’t mind if they won n AI or two round about now.


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:166, topic:2030, full:true”]Galway and Cork the form teams currently

Hard to see how cork’s form turned on its head from when we murdered them in pairc ui rinn to beating tipp & Waterford


… but yea, they can be insufferable. The bandwagon around Munster rugby was nauseating.


Cork have very little to cheer about in hurling in a dozen years .
One maybe two Munsters ?
You’d know it too with pitch invasions after wins at the moment


Waterford seem destined to be the Mayo of Hurling. If Clare don’t win that Munster title it really is the end for their golden generation. No Munster title since winning that All-I, and none at all in fact.


My car had a reading of 28c at 1pm. It was too hot to cut the grass at 3pm. Don’t know how those lads weren’t all cramping up during that match…


Now that you mention it my wrist got very sore in the afternoon.






Waterford aren’t even Mayo . They are barely top 4