All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Goal out of nothing there .


Your wonder if the black card was in hurling what effect it would have in the game .


‘I don’t like the black card… when it’s applied early in a game… but that was cynical’.

That logic drives me mad


Ferocious stuff.

Lucky break for the goal for Mars Bar Shanahan.


Great game but now will have to wait and see CCCC impose a sanction to Bennett of Waterford for pulling the helmet. Ref and linesman failed to see it…DC again?


Ah now, we all well know that there is no cynical fouling in hurling. It being a game played by true gaels and all that.

On a side note, I have no idea what rule book Kelly is using, but it’s not one I’ve ever seen.


He’s using the ‘let them at it’ version reserved for Munster hurling and Ulster football.


Waterford badly need a goal to get back into this . Getting scrappy now .


I’d say that’s it for Cork .


Waterford with some great touches. Need to go for goals now.


Turn your cap around you f*cking eejit.


Wonder will be hearing this " team from nowhere " stuff again .


Very disappointing from Waterford.



Disappointed with Waterford display - v frustrating ! Barry Kelly ? Aarrrgh !


Cork are back with a bang that’s for sure.

Waterford just not good enough. Cork have much classier forwards


Not too long ago several of cork’s forwards were written off as windy.



Ouch. Semple stadium won’t like that. Cork a stupid choice. Semple is ideally situated.


Good way to open the new stadium, it looks impressive from what I’ve seen