All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


The other part of the story is equally enthralling and much mor heartwarming.


It was indeed, warickshire fair hammered them in the end tho


The Liam Watson Show…


Jackie is writing some interesting stuff these days…the blahs wont like the “nice” tagline…


Read it at lunch there - very enjoyable … and the headline of the week!


Sure that would only spur them on surely .


Well he wrote the same about Cork ahead of the Tipp game. You’d wonder what hes at :wink:


Mind games , maybe he wants Cork knocked out now . Maybe someone else takes them out then in the qualifiers making it handier for KK if they dont face them .


He is honest. He makes very good points. Many other ex-players across the media stick to waffle. I admire Jackie for calling it as he sees it.


Learning from the masters in you-know-where. Remember that article by TOSe before the Munster Football final two years ago? “Cork are a disgrace” etc. Lo and behold match ends in a draw


Jebus, “nice” is the last word I’d use to describe Maurice Shanahan. :confused:



That place will be hopping.


Barry Kelly reffing. Sweet Jesus.


Some piece of skill from Gleason there .




End to end stuff , lovely :blush:


He’s had some awful brain farts as well!


Is it me or is Marty Morrissey’s cheerleading annoying.


Definetly, seems to be prone to hero points .