All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


For those who don’t believe a manager is important, consider that we have been a much better team than Wexford for several years!


True but their u21 sides are coming of age now . They kept their best hurlers - we lost all our forwards to Gaelic football


Wexford a good example of what a team can achieve when everyone in the county buys into what the team and management are doing. Credit where it’s due to Davy and Wexford. Big win for them. Davy is well aware of that Wexford u21 pedigree coming through as he was with Clare, but he’s getting more out of players that have been around a good while too. Fair play to them


What a shame we’re in disarray as this summer smells a lot like 2013 already - great opportunity this summer.


Soon to become past tense … :disappointed_relieved:




No denying that, not that we dont produce forwards but not enough to fill the football and hurling panels.


I wouldn’t agree. Tipp or Galway will win this. Kilkenny on a serious slide


I’d consider a galway win as a change of the guard, even though they’ve been close enough in the recent past. Tipp will have to build up a head of steam in the qualifiers, they were nothing short of gash in their last two outings, but of course they could do it.


Thought last nights game outside of its level of intensity was poor. Worst I’ve seen Kilkenny since…ever maybe? Galway will beat Wexford comfortably.

In the bigger picture can’t believe nobody has mentioned Waterford as all Ireland winners.

As for Dublin we are now in with… Tipp, Limerick, Carlow/Laois, Westmeath, Galway/Offaly Waterford/cork Kilkenny… Some very very tough draws in there


We cant get Kilkenny as far as Im aware. From the others there are some very winnable draws even in our current state. Its a model for Kilkenny to draw Tipp in the qualifiers :slight_smile:


You syre? My take would be if Offaly beat Galway Galway would be the only team we couldn’t draw?


Fair point, Had forgot about Waterford.


I think Clare will have a say also. Yesterday’s game was very poor fare but fair play to Wexford. They have improved a lot and are still without some key players. Disappointing to see with how far ahead they are of us even now. For 5/6 years we had them.


When is the draw anyone know?


My understanding is we get a Munster team or a team that came through Leinster round robin qualifiers. Open to correction though.


Is it next week? Galway/Offaly and Waterford/Cork have to be played first


… yep, nothing wrong with this structure …


Waterford, if they have their shop in order, will be there or thereabouts. It could be McGraths last year, think he took a break from teaching anyway, so lots of motivation there…


Tomorrow week afaik.