All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Some scoreline for a Waterford team lacking marquee forwards. There’s hope for Dublin yet! :grimacing:


A belter, was shouting at tv to play to right to brick.


First non holy trinity final since 1996 which was then the third in a row.

There won’t be a blaa baked in Waterford tonight …


Tyrone v Mayo football final sticking out a mile now too … :flushed:


There’s nothing in the rules about common sense though, it was a clear strike with the Hurley and therefore a straight red. Absolutely criminal from Gleason, 6 points up with two minutes to go and he does that, very difficult to have sympathy for that level of stupidity.


Just saw the intro to 6oc news on RTE 1, after Barron scored second goal one of the Cork defenders tripped or kicked his leg, Barron stumbles and ran on though. Stupid stuff from that defender though - didn’t catch number on jersey.


Hard to see Galway not winning the Final. Waterford have been sniffing around it for years now though
and have a pretty resilient bunch of players. I think it should be a good game of hurling. I would be happy for either county to win it.


Noticed that during the match. He drew a kick at him alright. Surprised he wasn’t censured.
Ref probably didn’t see it. Mind you there was plenty he missed today. I don’t think Owens covered himself in glory.


I don’t think there’s much between them. It’s great for the game either way. But I’ll be rooting for Waterford. Really enjoyed the match today from the corner of the Hogan and Davin. Cork and Waterford fans have a good relationship with each other, plenty of passion but no nastiness.


Fully agree it was v stupid thing to do. But worthy of missing an AIF?? It’s the lack of consistency that would drive u mad with the GAA.


I’m neutral on who I’d like to win more, both long overdue an all Ireland.


It’s refreshing really . I’d never be neutral if Dublin weren’t playing in football.


Your man is here! You’re very excited! Cork had a player sent off. Then Waterford won, as a direct result. They won’t have Gleeson in the final, but that won’t matter as Galway will win the final. Was there anything else? Did I piss down your back in a previous life??


They don’t lack serious forwards. It’s just that they play with five of them. And now, because Cork had a player sent off and Waterford won, we will all have to pretend that their style of play is grand and we should all do it. I hope Galway win the final, at all costs.


But that’s nuts right there Hiller. You are actually advocating an inconsistent approach because it’s a semi final - the very thing that drives you mad ?!?!?! Striking offence, straight red, miss next match - regardless of what the match is. If this doesn’t happen it makes a laugh of the process.


ah jasus Dub09 the last thing we need in debating GAA rules is logic and the rule book itself!!

Gleeson deserved his red for stupidity alone. Hard to miss out on AIF though for that!


It’s not unheard of to have an amnesty for finals in other sports. Didn’t Mr Blatter give one for players going into a World Cup final? I’d let Connor Gleeson play and just draw a veil over the other incident - it is an All Ireland Final. We have benefited from this type of thing ourselves.


Grand but then don’t go crying inconsistency …


Problem is it’s becoming a more regular thing now adays . Twitter & other online media wouldn’t have been as prevalent let’s say in '11 when Connelly got his red over turned .Now everyone & their mother is posting up stuff & tagging the likes of Parkinson & MacKenna in them to bring it more attention .After all the shit with DC , I’m sorry but if they want to treat that situation with the letter of the law then everything else gets that treatment too. What Gleason did was intentional . In the future they may need to rewrite these rules .


I’d say the best Waterford can hope for is the availability of one Gleeson. The only plus in Conor’s red is that it might save Austin.