All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Yes if we want Kenny


Donal og back in the Sunday game gig.


Marty on the microphone today . Who is with him ?


Brendan Cummins


Goal Waterford, game on. Bennett did well.


Fairly even here .Nothing between them .


Dear Marty, you don’t have to mention football every time someone kicks a sliotar


Ah here we go , another helmet incident …


Waterford being stiffed by the ref.


What a save by Nash .


Cahalane should be off. That’s two nasty slaps now.


Great save. One-handed?


Saw that - hopefully ref sees it if it happens again


Cork not looking as composed as they have been this season. Some amount of red in Croker - you can’t beat Munster for the ould bandwagon. Kingston and Rock got the Waterford guy booked there - awful to see that sh1t.

Was neutral but 100% Deise now. Sicken the fookers …


When Horgan gets the yips on twitter he frees he can be off target all match.


Kevin Moran - Colm Cronin
Brick Walsh - conal keaney


Bit of mouthy type alright , Gleason having words with him there .


Frees have helped Cork a lot here .What have they got from play ?


Gone a bit flat, on this viewing Galway will ate the winner alive.


Kingston getting with all year. He was mouthing in Tipp and Clare games at match officials and no action taken