All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


no where did he actually spend most of his time… it was as an auxilary full back minding the D.

or maybe a very deep lying half back but it was doing the same role as a sweeper but not tainted with the title


You and lost cause should do the decent thing at this stage and get a room. The system kk used is radically different to the one Waterford uses. Kk used their lines to restrict space,Waterford sacrifice numbers up front to nullify opposing forwards. Kk were 100% compact. Waterford aren’t.
When kk turned the ball over they pushed up,further compressing the play. Waterford don’t. Waterford keep their men back. Theres a huge difference between the systems so don’t get too upset if you cant decipher the kk one. That’s one of the reasons they were on top for so long. Better lads couldn’t figure it out either.


See above LC.


You haven’t answered my question or original point . Waterford can’t win a shoot out . They have a slim chance using this system . And they shouldn’t have to apologise to traditionalists who only ever want to see hurling played according to the holy trinity of cork , Tipp and Kilkenny . Which is the style that suits them


i’d recommend a room for yourself also . just because you disagree doesn’t mean you are correct. You still haven’t answered my specific point re a specific player Brian Hogan…

but leave it as obviously you arent prepared to or recognise the point I am making which i believe i am equally entitled to do so


Where do you get this shite? The traditionalists? Every hurling team in the eighties and nineties played ‘traditional’ hurling. Cody was the person who introduced dropping lines back to cope with the Cork running game after 2004/2005. Some of the purest 'traditional hurlers were from Offaly and Galway. Stop digging Bart. You won’t win this one.


You’re too late . I’ve already won.
Because not one person can tell Me how Waterford can win a shootout.
Because they know they can’t . But they should just listen to the public and give the public what they want . Play an open brand of hurling and definitely lose .


Davy Fitz was on OTB last night saying as much.There’s obviously logic in it and it works to an extent.


You COMPLETELY ignored my point that what you said about ‘traditional’ counties was not true! Now answer it if you can. We are used to your tangent-escapes by now!


There is a different way to see this. Waterford’s best hurling last year was played when they went man on man. They were winning the shootout and then retreated to the sweeper system and did not win, as a result. Who knows whether or not they would have won an All Ireland if they had a different manager and went man on man? Why do people assume that Fitzgerald and McGrath are tight to use sweepers? You do not have a crystal ball, no more than the rest of us. You cannot judge Waterford’s forwards or Wexford’s until the six of them are playing in attack.


I stand over it . Let’s see who else disagrees


People assume they are right because they are successful managers. You and me are cranks behind a keyboard
And in this instance they are right . When you’ve inferior talent to need a different game plan
But the idea that Shane Bennett and shanahan match up against callinan or bubbles or Cathal mannion and Joe or cadogan and Horgan in a shoot out is fantasy


Again you avoid and deflect. I gave an example that Waterford were beating Kilkenny last year until they resumed the sweeper stuff. What did you do? You ignored what I said as you cannot argue it, and you picked two other counties! It’s what you always do. There is just no point with you.
Same as with the ’ traditional counties’ comment you made. It was they who actually changed the game of hurling, and not the pretenders to the throne. If you can’t see that, well we’ll leave it so.


Agreed . I’m glad you decided to quit when you’re a mile behind


I never asked Waterford to apologize to anyone. All I’m saying is to equate the kk system to the Waterford sweeper system is wrong. I think the Waterford system does a disservice to the talent they have. Case in point,drawn semi v kk last year. Waterford go toe to toe and are by far the better team on the day. Should have won the game by 4/5 points. Why not stick with that ? Their players are too good to “hang in”. I concede the sweeper system suits dome squads but it’ll win very little…at least I hope it will. That game on Sunday was shocking.


Why are GAA supporters so vehemently opposed to tactics?? Where does that attitude come from? I don’t understand it all. A managers job is to find the tactics most suited to A) get the best out of his team, and B) to nullify the opposition…


Because the entire hurling championship has about 6 top class games between the better teams, most of which you watch as a neutral, so it’s a shame when a game is “ruined” by defensive tactics. neutral supporters want to see goals, not sweepers.


But I don’t understand why it’s “ruined”. I’d rather watch a tight game of hurling with defensive tactics than a blow out…

Maybe I’m just biased, I was always used as a sweeper when I played under age hurling… I loved it, nobody marking you and a heap of ball hit straight at you :joy:


not saying that it is really but the feeling seems to be as neutrals you want to see goals preferably at both ends, when you have wex v waterford both employing at least one sweeper goals are few and far between.

The old school shoot outs between cork and waterford in munster were classics because they were just that, shootouts. It’s the same in football, it might be effective for the likes of donegal to play with 14 men back but it aint pretty to watch them handpass the ball 47,000 a match.


Ah it may not be pretty, I agree with you there, but the whole “oh they aren’t playing the game properly” stuff annoys me. There’s no proper way of playing. You play in a way that maximises your teams chance of winning and it’s unfair of people to have a go at teams/managers for doing that.