All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Neither Frehill not Carthy would get a job anywhere else. Their voices and approaches are just irksome. There isn’t a single decent GAA commentator in RTE. Michael Corcoran, on the other hand, does an excellent job for rugby.


It clearly was. But also, Davy Fitz let that bunch go to wrack and ruin. Greatest collapse of a talented bunch of All-I winners I can think of. The way the aftermath of the All-I win was handled for a bunch of basically kids was terrible


Marty " what is it that brings 55,000 people to Thurles!??"

Dunno Marty but it wasn’t today’s match which had 43,000 at it.

Everything that happpens in a gaa match is amazing according to Marty. St least Brian car they will call a bad match as it is, not Marty.
His radio commentary when Mayo is,playing has to be heard to be believed.


Just saw Cody’s push on the official. Very similar to Connolly. If he doesn’t get suspended then there are serious issues with the disciplinary process. TSG very soft on him, but that reflects the difference between the hurling and football pundits.


Thought the 4th official made contact with him first. Not a lot he could do


Watched it yesterday and again tonight. Fourth official put his hands on Cody first, as Cody was moving forward. You could also see Cody say something along the lines of ’ don’t put your hands on me’. That 4th official was out with Cody all through the game, never once went near McGrath or Shanahan who were constantly on the pitch.
Another thing, why wasn’t Shanahan wearing Maor Foirne top or Bib?


Who’s Ruth?


Ex Kilkenny star Matt …






OT but Ann Marie Keane looked,like she was going to go for someone when des asked how she felt after the Galway Kilkenny camogie match lol


MC is not too bad…would be better if he dropped his two favourite sayings…and that’s the truth of it…and I’ll tell you what !!


Cork are good but Clare were not far away today. It wasn’t the best of games but Clare drove wide after wide from distance. Through better shot selection, better accuracy or working it closer they would be right there. They were unlucky not to add further goals by hitting the posts and missed a penalty. Another day could easily be different. Corks attack is impressive it must be said.

I’d still hold fire on Galways creditentials until the next day. Wexford beat a poor KK team and as such Galway are still untested.


Before the incident, Cody came charging towards the linesman and the Waterford bench. In turn had to go through the 4th official. He putt his hands on cody first, if the football pundits had responded in the same manor as the hurling pundits, it would all be a non issue imo.


Clare have been doing that every year, the only time they didn’t when it really mattered was in two games(ok 3!) in 2013, one of which saw Limerick not show up after winning Munster, as usual. Clare will continue to have the occasional big win, and look very talented, but like Dublin footballers post 1983 (who still did better than this Clare team have) the best is behind them already


Clare v Tipp

Wexford v Waterford


Tipp/Waterford ???
Would that mean Tipp Galway
Cork Waterford semi?
Alot of great games ahead …


Clare will struggle to hold Tipp at the back. They have forwards to trouble Tipp but Clare just took the wrong options over and over again yesterday


Introduced an English guy to hurling yesterday, even he spotted that Clare were taking pot shots from way out the field, compared to Cork’s ball into their forwards.