All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


They got no further than us!


Babbage? Your thoughts on your beloved Kilkenny?


Mid division for a few years . But they’ve good young players coming through though . They are never away for long


You let your alter Ego slip there mate^^^^^


? Me and Charles have a great relationship just ask Walter Walsh!


I blame The Premier League.


If I had a MOTM award for every time somebody reacted to that shorthand…


… you’d be AO’S.


Ah jaysus - having to listen to Marty commentate on a Clare game two days in a row … I’ll know every feckin town in the county by the time the game is over


KK looked very like the team of 2013 very tired and flat footed, after losing in leinster waterford should have taken them before Cork beat them, but we all remember have the got on in 2014 …

Happy for Waterford to get the win but would rank them well below Galway, Cork and Tipp in terms of skill level. They can contain most teams and keep it tight but they rely on a lot of miracle scores and last night KK with some forwards of old would have beaten them.


Nice goal from Cork , left his marker for dead .Oh penalty for Clare .


Oh could that be a red ?


It looked bad, I thought his head came off!


No - that was his helmet. Very poor wides from both …


Well, thank God for that. I can continue my Sunday dinner now.


That penalty miss may come back to haunt Clare.


Momentum with Cork here . Clare could be in trouble in Cork tag on a couple of early scores in the second half .But , as we saw last night , its not an impossibility to come back from a big lead.


Tony Kelly …


Clare are piss poor. Shocking wides and giving away simple frees. Galway won’t fear anything they see there today.


I’d fear cork