All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Terrible wides there


Great performance from cork. Two poor performances on the trot by tipp.


Fair play to Kingston . Shipped a lot of criticism for introducing a lot of young players . But they are well up to it

Great for the championship too.

Tipp again living up to their stereotype . One hit wonders


That’s why it’s’ The Beautiful Game’. I enjoyed tat so much. Powerfull hurling.
Bualadh bos.


Eh no he didn’t.


Absolute Belter of a game… certainly didn’t see that coming


Good game, fair play Cork. F*cked my bet up though.


Tip just didn’t have the legs for Cork. Cork the better team all over the pitch.

The declaring of this Tipp team as one of the great teams after one AI is looking more bizarre by the day.


Fantastic game of hurling. Cork half back line caught some amount of ball.
They really upped the intensity and their first touch was top drawer today.


They have the talent to be great . They also aren’t out of the championship


No not out but v hard to see them winning from here. They’re well off the pace at the minutei.

Not sure either about the talent to be great?? They got to AI final mainly because Galway lost Joe canning in first half of semi. Won final well but very little to indicate greatness since. Have lost to Cork twice, walloped by Galway and grabbed last second draw v KK. Don’t see any greatness in them myself.


Total scored from play 3.43, serious stuff…


Did I choose the wrong day to watch the English PL over a Senior Inter-County Hurling Championship game?


Any day is the wrong day to do that.


We beat Cork in the league so that means we can beat Tipp…right?


Really and to be honest it was like a fast paced challenge game. The amount of space some of the scorers got was ridiculous. If you want to play hurling the way they played today, you will eventually be bet out the gate. Listening to Loughnane bleating on about Munster hurling is painful. Yes it was exciting stuff, but it needed to be tighter and the scoring options closed down…by both teams.


One of Cork and Waterford will join Tipp in the meaty parts of the qualifiers. One of Wexford/ Kilkenny/ and one of Clare/Limerick also – and most probably ourselves

Qualifiers will be more difficult than normal


agree yea - Thje space cork had at times was crazy - made for a great match though. Surprised after the kick up the arse they go in the league final i thought tipp would work harder.


I didn’t actually watch the ground ball, thankfully.


Barrett dropped in Tipp. War going on supposedly😳