All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Yes. It was very sad to see 20,000 locked outside when there was so much capacity inside …


The Hill was closed so they could set up for the U2 concerts without too much of a clean up


Coldplay next week

U2 is the week after the Leinster final


[quote=“See_Saw, post:343, topic:2030”]U2 is the week after the Leinster final

U2 play Twickenham next Weekend … Bono possibly doing a Stringer impression at scrum half …


Milwall vs Linfield?


Well that’s bullshit. A total joke.


Good interview with Conor Cooney there on OTB.


“60,000 in Croker on Sunday, another 8,000 in Pairc Uí Rinn for the Munster Minor semi-final, and I’d say it’s the same amount in Nowlan Park here tonight - It’s a hurling boom for hurling people right now, if you ask me.”

Tommy Walsh is on Off The Ball


It’s getting boomier …


Imagine Leinster Final went to a replay? Would it be fixed for that weekend :joy:


Prob be switched to Semple … neutral and all that …


Will U2 mind travelling :joy:


Garth Brooks was right! Impossible to get a slot that suits!


Thoughts on Waterford v Kilkenny? Wexford were overcome handy enough by Galway, suggests Kilkenny are no great shakes this year but Waterford where tame enough v cork - could go either way? Kk with the sharper forwards might edge it?

Cork v Clare is s hard one to call, cork having made tipp and Waterford look average enough must be favorites?


Cork by 4
Waterford by 3 ( on a big if that they can turn in a performance)


I fancy Clare and KK. Waterford are a whole bunch of Meh. If the other counties keep stuttering Clare could sneak in and take a quere Liam.


jake Dillon a crazy selection for waterford if team plays as selected


This is it for Waterford I’m afraid . They cannot lose this game .


Agreed. Waterford to win. A tentative nod to Clare too. They have the forwards, the pace and the mobility to take on Cork.


I don’t expect them to lose it either, but they aren’t helping their cause with that selection imho