All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Enjoyable for 30 mins but Wexford horsed out of it after that. Galway are a big strong team and will take beating.


They are very good in the air, and their striking and touch has been good to date so far.

Big worry for them though they aren’t scoring or creating goal chances.


One of the lads did 4th official at KK v Lim said 1st half like Junior game and no atmosphere, said KK lucky to get out with Win.


That’s exactly right and Wexford were doing a lot of fouling which was let go by the ref.


I think they’ve sorted the defence out. Shane Maloney can only make the bench. He’s be a top player in most counties. Agreed on the goals but they aren’t conceding them anymore either. Will take some stopping.
Tipp seem to be on another gap year after the AI. A lot of off the pitch issues with Tipp. They win an AI and it just goes to their heads completely.


Waterford the worst draw tomorrow?


Kilkenny is the best draw for us tomorrow.

The ultimate irony


at this stage we should have a crack off whoever we draw. Tipp by all accounts were very lucky to get away with a win.


Would agree re lack of goals, but if you are scoring close on 30 points in every game and not leaking goals at the other end you are well on the way. According to one of the panellists, they have scored 2-90 in last 3 games!


On the money Bart. Strange but Cats are the least worst option. We live in interesting times. This was the year we could have done serious damage! We could beat them as it happens. A home draw would be vital.


I think the games are going to be at neutral venues.


Even with a top class manager and all our best players available I still think Galway would have too much for us .


Miles too much. Galway are different this year. Seemingly much of it is down to their physical trainer. They exude a quiet confidence.


Is this the reason why the Hill was not to be opened? They knew a big crowd would come, regardless? Get them paying for seats instead of terrace entry fees?


Is he Polish, I heard people talking about him at the match?


Yes. He was with Tipp last year. The Tribes nabbed him!


I’d say it’s the real reason. They say it’s because of the Coldplay concert next week but that doesn’t make any sense. People stand on the Hill and go home after the match today, what possible problem could arise?


Half the crowd barriers from the Hill have been removed. Would expect that’s the main reason.


Poleaxed is the word.


The Hill is compartmentalised. They could have open one section today. No excuse.