All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


There has also been some fantastic points, like the last one from Meath


They just showed the Palestinian flag being waved after Sluddon scored.


Maybe if you are arrested in normal time you are allowed back in for extra time :slight_smile:




Bit of a double standard there. There were Palestinian flags all over the shop at Fermanagh v Monaghan last week & no one kicked up any fuss. Granted, they were masquerading as Fermanagh flags, with a little dash of black for the craic, but they were Palestinian flags none the less.


Is there a rule about bringing in flags, sure the langers bring in all kinds of flags


Because they are “Langers”


Think so. It’s just not enforced, as long as its not political. The rule about political banners & flags is usually enforced. A couple of years ago, lads on the Hill were made take down a banner about Syrian refugees.


Westmeath’s woes continue it seems.

14 mins Armagh 0-6 Westmeath 1-0 (from Ronan O’Toole who has taken his club form with St. Lomans into the intercounty set up)


Could the experts tell me why Graham Reilly got a yellow and not a black?


Limerick have got 2 goals against Mayo ha. Not bad for Limerick against what people say is the best defense in the country.


Reilly has been a waste of space all day.


Did nt know that could get you a yellow.


Offaly goal has killed off any comeback from Antrim it seems. Goal scored by Bernard Allen despite the faithful having a man sent off.

Offaly 1-15 Antrim 0-11


Tyrone poxed there.


To an extent, overall they had the chances to win it by more, fluffed a lot more chances than Meath.


Another poor call from the referee as should have been a free in at the end.


Tyrone stumble through. Yet could be dangerous for someone like the Peoples Champions :tm:


He did lose it as things got tense.


Thought the same my self, some very poor calls towards the end of normal time and extra time, pressure got to him.