All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Looked like a harsh red for Mc Cann, would need to see it again, maybe I missed something.


Clear red card for me, had a look to see where Brennan was, waited for him and then elbowed him in the stomach. Red all day.


As I said I may have missed it,


Meath look like there going to blow their chance at redemption


Just got home what a great win for Waterford! And they actually scored 3 goals. When was the last time that happened.


You would think commentators should know the rules, wondering why the sent off players are not back on, FFS


That’s only showing the aftermath. We have no clue as to want went on before that (Was their verbals etc…)


The most stupid rule in all of gaa . You’re sent off but extra time is a new game and back to 15.Who thought that one up .


Goal for Tyrone !


Cavan leading Wicklow 2-8 to 0-1 at the half. If Cavan were more consistent they could get to the super 8’s this year.


Highly unlikely he was arrested for flying a flag. Most likely arrested for failing to follow police instructions.


Tyrone pulling away now , up by 4


How good or bad is the Meath v Tyrone game?


Decent enough actually, well first 75 minutes.


Not sure I’d agree with that. Some of the shooting had been horrific.

Neither team will trouble Dublin.


Meath 4 down now.(its Dublin’s fault)


Well in regards to what was on show last week.


Tyrone doing what they want now.


Offaly 0-12 Antrim 0-9 on 39 min

Mayo 1-10 Limerick 1-1 HT


Think Meath have run out of gas