All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Regardless of form Kerry don’t often beat Cork by more than single figures, especially in Munster Finals. Cork have been out of Pairc Ui Chaoimh for a few years too so lets see if this fixtures gives them any sort of edge now that they’re back there.


Round 2 Qualifiers Predictions

Tipperary v Mayo
Waterford v Monaghan
Cavan v Down
Carlow v Tyrone
Offaly v Clare
Longford v Kildare
Sligo v Armagh
Leitrim v Louth


Would run will all them predictions bar Kildare, having broken their long run of defeats they might just have picked up enough confidence to sharpen their shooting boots and win this one.


Tipp will cause Mayo a lot of problems and probably raise a couple of green flags but still think Mayo will do just enough


I hope the flags haven’t got white and black stripes too with a red triangle or they will certainly cause problems …


I’m thinking a 4-5 point win would be a good day at the office for us down in Thurles.


I think you could stick another 10 on those to be honest, no test until the next round.


They will avoid all landmines till super 8’s


Highlights of most recent champo games on sky ch 121 now 11pm- 12pm


Also because the game was on Sunday it wasn’t in the special highlights program


I think that would be a great gesture and they could do the same with all the sideline flags too. a great idea


Tipperary v Mayo
Home advantage probably doesn’t suit tipp as empty semple will will be filled by gods chosen people. Mayo should win by a few.
Waterford v Monaghan
Nice draw for monaghan to get back in the swing of things.
Cavan v Down
Just home advantage swings it.
Carlow v Tyrone
Tyrones forwards are useless but so are carlows
Offaly v Clare
Closest call of all biffos may yet cause upset.
Longford v Kildare
Home advantage longford but momentum with kildare
Sligo v Armagh
Come back by Armagh?
Leitrim v Louth
Like two bald men fighting over a comb, entertaining but ultimately pointless.


i’ll stroll in with my kids, and increase tipp support by 100%.

was at a meeting the other day and they were organising something for july 22nd. “be grand as tipp will not be playing that day” i mentioned the footballers and the guy literally pretended i hadnt said anything lol.

sure when they got to the semi final in CP against mayo there were people here wondering why those lads werent playing hurling, even if they wouldnt be good enough for inter county - ie be better off playing in a round of intermediate club matches in tipp instead of footbaall in CP.


Football really is the poor cousin down there .


i really had no idea till i started going to matches, but i had an idea from when going to hurling matches where my lads were playing in and one lad said that football was for the cavemen.

there is an active, but unspoken, campaign here to keep the footballers down lest they becoem more successful than the hurlers and take potential players away.


Id well believe it . Tbf , i would have been gutted if the likes of Kilkenny or Costello had chosen hurling over the football .


Happens in several counties. Thing about Tipp hurlers in the last 10 years though, they’ve underachieved despite the two All-Irelands.


… and they produce good footballers.


So their anti-football stance doesn’t really achieve anything.


Overheard an aul buck on da phone after we beat em in that semi final…”ah grand day out, it was something different, I’m going for pints now” - in other words he couldn’t have given a flying feck that Tipp lost.

Then again not much heed is passed to the Mayo hurlers in his county either so we can’t really talk. Prob same feeling here for the majority re Dublin hurling ?