All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Haha and we used to joke all the gardai were from mayo. Must of been a cranky rossie


Pretty sure he sounded like Navanman.


Some folk have said that there was more than one Palestinian flag, but this was the only case where action was taken, surely if the Gardaí acted for political motives they would have forced the removal of any other flag.
Also I don`t go along with the idea that you can’t make a politcal protest at a football match, I am not in favour of disrupting an event, but show support and trying to make people aware of a certain situation is of no real harm, in saying that I can also understand the GAA or any other organization banning it in order to avoid potential complications.


Well, yes, but that’s a separate point. Its obviously in support of a political cause, and we’re all familiar with the recurring arguments re sport and politics. You’d have to say that in that area the GAA is on dodgier ground than most, given that its formation was intended as a marriage of the two.

Whether or not you support the flying of the flag, its a different issue as to whether you support the arrest of anyone flying it. From what I’ve also seen, there were certainly untruths propagated (not necessarily by the authorities) over what the arrest was for - I saw some saying he was throwing bottles etc, which clearly didn’t appear to be the case in the footage I saw.


Maybe you should share the footage you saw with us and we can make our own minds up?


there was clearly one being waved behind the goal, all match long.

I counted 5 of them on the hill on sunday.

I am pro-palastine but the antics of the “professionally offended” usual suspects on twitter and facebook over this really annoy me.

the first thing you hear on the video is someone saying it was the meath county board objecting, but again if so, why not move against the much more visible end flag - the one confiscated wasnt on tv at all as it would have been under the camera angle.


That was its purpose 134 years ago - not now.

What are you trying to politically state waving a flag of a foreign nation at a game ? especially these days with social media.

There was a Palestinian flag in behind the goal at another stage in the game so yer man didn’t get arrested for flying the flag only. his mate has the phone out recording it - lets post it up for social media discussion/outrage.

Just go and watch the game.


What about the Langers ? All sorts of flags flown in De Park boy . . . Japanese & confederate flag.


Neither for any cause though boy. Except de Ribbil cause, wha!


The confederate flag has a nasty meaning , although I doubt it is used with that in mind. Sport has always been used to promote political ideas, black power in olympics, boycotts by the supuerpowers, apartheid in SA ect . And a lot of good has come out of sport being used to protest against certain things, minutes silence are held for victims of terrorists attacks in sporting events,


the confederate flag caused a lot of debate ast year, the PROC forum was very animated about it. They adapted it back in the 80’s as “the south” were against “the north” in the civil war, and that fits perfectly in with the cork chip on the shoulder. I dont think the slave element was every really thought about, I had to admit i never knew who General Lee was till last year, I thought it was a type of car! Dukes of Hazard were very big then, too.

I’d say they just wanted anything tiwht red and white TBH. The palestinian flag thing is orchastrated though, twitter was full of people who werent going to the longford match calling for the hill to be full of palestine flags.


No chance. I’d not be surprised if a full round of SHC games are called for that weekend, including Saturday evening. The majority of Tipp officialdom are baffled that tipp plays football at all and would like to go the kilkenny route.


Yet will still receive dual funding, of sorts?


It was their car - complete with Confederate flag on roof! Probably wouldn’t happen now … Daisy caused a lot of distraction …


I did try, but it seems not to have been approved. It was a link to someones fb, so that may be why, but if you search yourself on fb you’ll find it - tyrone, palestinian, flag, should be enough to find it.


Not on facetube, will look at YouTube later.


all it shows is the lad being removed, there isnt any reason given.

the garda have actually issued a statement saying it was for obstruction of a view and complaints arose because of it.

he got an adult caution, he’s not nelson mandela lads.


Probably linked to what you are saying but I always assumed it was the ‘rebels’ element was the reason.


The initial video that went round is short, and just shows the lad being removed. I assume that is the one you’re referring to. The one I’m referring to is much longer, and shows the gardai standing beside him for some time before arresting him - there isn’t any provocation clear on the video. There also doesn’t appear to be anyone round him to have their view obstructed.


So where can i make an official complaint about the guards in that they didn’t arrest and throw out the bloke with the flag behind the goal ?