All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


I think the Mayo crowd prefer the trek around the country.


I’ve done the trek from here to achill and it’s not fun. Then again, you could do m18/17/7 to the nenagh/thurles junction and enjoy the sights of borrisoleigh.


With Mayo’s home record of late it might be a good idea for Tipperary to offer to play it in Castlebar!


Wecome back, mayo4sam(insert year here).


I wouldn’t have given Tipp a hope but if they have the use of some very upset hurlers it should make them at least competitive.

Do Carlow still have a big game in them? Problem for them is that Tyrone will react to their performance against Meath. Some here will only ever predict based on form and results. Carlow beat Meath much easier than Tyrone did…

Waterford should make a game of it against Monaghan but I’m assuming the Farny will have accepted their fall from grace is both a lesson and an opportunity to build a force via the qualifiers that might make them better placed in a Qtr final if they make it through everything. But extra games are not their friend in terms of squad strength


Split Tyrone!! Oh wait…


In fairness Al form and results is the only real info most would have , apart from that and home advantage what else would you be going on aside from player availability.


Current Vs past form; pedigree; level of talent available; rivalries/history. Amongst other things


… playing no forwards …


If we’re being all realistic, Tyrone have better form in attack, Carlow in defending. Tyrone have better players but they didn’t perform the last day. Carlow are probably secretly glad they didn’t make the L Final. That’s heresy of course but if you know you’re going to get well beat against a top team and you have real ambition you will want to maximise your resources.


Re the flag - there are a few videos, but I saw a longer one, and it certainly looks in that one like they had it in for him. The guy flying the flag is holding it up, and there are three gardai round him; they all stand like that ignoring each other for a minute or so (and are already in that position when the video beings), during which time the flag flickers in the face of one of the garda they speak to him, then it flickers in the face another (purely down to the wind), they speak to him again, they arrest him. You can’t hear whats said, but it looks very much like they went and stood beside him just to get an excuse to arrest him; his body language isn’t at all aggressive at any point. There was also plenty of room where he was standing, so I can’t imagine it was bothering anyone else in terms of view or annoyance. Didn’t look good


Yes there is a bit of that to an extent, but the past won’t help you if you have not got players that are on form, if you have been beaten by the same players in recent meetings it is unlikely that what you did to them 20 years ago will help, the most reliable think is form and recent meetings and that covers talent available as I assume you will be playing with all the talent you have available.


unless the Palestine minors were playing before the game , whats the chap bringing the flag in for in the first place ?

Same applies to all flags , bar the county flag


Perhaps they were supporting the Carlow number 4, Ali Hussain


perhaps ,

Perhaps they were at the wrong game so !


Doh …


But my point was, most people will write Carlow off yet form against Meath very recently would arguably suggest it’s not so clearcut…


Unquestionably to make a political statement in support of the Palestinian cause. That is a clear breach of the GAA guidelines, but my assumption is that the Guards are not there to enforce GAA guidelines?

Like I said above, in all my years going to football matches (from the early seventies) I have never seen the Guards intervene to address a situation where a flag was impeding the view of someone else. If we take the comments in the press from a Gardai representative at face value, it is a hell of a coincidence that on this one occasion it just happens to be a Palestinian flag.


I see a lot of people giving Tipp a chance against Mayo. Meath would rightly be hot favs against Carlow on current form, Meath are mid Div2 whereas Carlow just got out of Div 4. Meath have just given Tyrone a really hard game, on a day anything can happen.


When we played Meath in 1996 a Gaurd broke the stick part of my brother’s Mayo flag and handed just the flag part to him (my brother was 10 years old). That was outside Croke Park before we even went in.