All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Tricky tie and one you can get caught if your not on your A game. I would still back us to beat Tipp though.


I kinda see Mayo like an old dog … I think the humane thing to do is to put you out of your misery early in the summer. Nobody wants to see you limping around Croke Park yelping in pain in early September!


You wish…like Dublin, the championship would be a duller place without us.


Had to join to try understand the Mayo obsession.


Ok so … you can have your belly scratched for a few more weeks but we’ll need to gone before August 11&12 … fair enough?!


Welcome…they love us really in here :wink:


See Ye in da final…can we have sam this year and ye can take all the All stars and player of the year :slight_smile:


No you didn’t, you can lurk and read. Mayo obsession is easy to explain, nobody else pushes us so hard at the business end. Unlike other places we sit up and look round instead of obsessing with our own team.


They let you in? Mods another stray… Williesblog is thattaway ------------ :sunglasses:


Got a taxi from the Ma’s to Connolly Station today.

Jim was standing on Westmorland Street talking to a man of considerable age.
Obviously don’t know what the conversation was but the pair of them were in stitches.

(I know that is off topic, but thought it was worth mentioning)


i call bull shit - Jim has never ever ever ever smiled



The very reason I thought it worth a post!


I’m really confused why they can’t put 4 qualifiers the week coming up and than 4 the following week. That said Tipp v Mayois the stand-out tie. Cound be one of the best games of the year. Tipperary need a big performance after getting rolled over by Cork.


Definitely Mayo/Tipp the big one. Longford should give Kildare all they want. Cavan should handle Down. The other five games are dross.


Offaly v Clare is interesting enough


And how good are Cork? We will see in the Munster final but Roscommon hammered them by 10 points in a recent challenge game (if you buy into challenges that is).

Tipp gave us plenty of it that semi final a few years ago…


presuming tyrone ,monaghon, tyrone and the peoples champions all win there could be some fireworks in the next round more than likely1 or 2 of them wont make the last 8


Tipp definitely underperformed against Cork. I don’t think their backs will be able to contain JOD, Clifford, Paul Geaney and Sean O’Shea in the Munster final. They do have a future star forward in Luke Connolly though.


Given the usual very meager tipp support you have to wonder why this isn’t played in Mayo. Tipp support will be outnumbered 8 to 1 at least and semple isn’t really home, clonmel would be (actually ardfinnan but let’s not go there).

Sure the support for the do or die hurling yesterday was derisory, it’ll be a virtual home match for Mayo so to drag them to thurles for 5pm and back again is just taking the piss.


Clonmel ain’t up to much that’s for sure. Actually Ardfinnan would be the place to bring them to. Would make Aughrim look like a world class venue!