All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


If you read a lot of the Man Utd players biographies they say most of the time he spoke very little during Half time team talks and only really lost the head in dressing rooms after bad defeats. Soccer is a panto on the pitch and off at the best of times so wouldn’t take make leads from them.

Look at any of the top managers / head coaches Joe Schmidt etc. very rarely losses the cool in public but have the attention and respect of their players.


Tipperary v Mayo - Mayo
Waterford v Monaghan - Monaghan
Cavan v Down - Cavan
Carlow v Tyrone - Tyrone
Offaly v Clare - Clare
Kildare v Longford - Kildare
Sligo v Armagh - Armagh
Leitrim v Louth - Louth


Lol according to Billy the goat COCK will go close to winning POTY and the winter has made a man of him. If there was ever any evidence that the animal kingdom control the narrative in the media - there it is.


Happy with that draw :+1:


Mayo are going to have their work cut out there. If Limerick are scoring 3 goals against them then Tipperary have the potential to hit them for a few goals too. That’s a tough game for them. Rest of the big boys have straight forward enough assignments


Have you seen the Mayo - Limerick game?

Two penalties. Limerick were no where on Mayo.


well thats what I would expect from a Div 1 team versus a Div 4 county.


Penalties mean chances were created. Did the fat lad run onto attack the ref? You know how decisions against you in limerick can get you mayo folk irate.


The second penalty was a nothing incident, there was no reason we should have fouled at all. The second goal is the only one that I would be worried about, a long pass in and only one back to cover it.


Id be worried about all 3 tbh. For the two penalties the defence lost their men and fouled as a result. I accept they were probably not at the required levels intensity due to the opposition but shipping 3 goals to the second worst team in the country is bad regardless of how they were conceded. I recall a fair bit of light been shun on us conceding two to division 3 Laois in Nowlan Park.


I fancy Maigh Eo


Round 3 will throw up some decent games hopefully . Is it open draw too ?


Nope. Winners of Round 2 vs Provincial runners up


Yeah but i mean is that draw open .
Like if Galway lost the Connacht final could they be drawn against Mayo say , even though they’ve met before already .


Actually I think round 3 is the winners of Round 2 against each other and then the provincial runners up come in in round 4



Round 1: Sixteen teams that do not qualify for provincial semi-finals

Round 2: Eight round 1 winners play eight defeated provincial semi-finalists

Round 3: Eight round 2 winners play each other on an open-draw basis

Round 4: Four round 3 winners play four provincial runners-up


This is where Mayo could be caught I reckon


Okie dokie , round 4 it is ! Mayo could still get Monaghan or tyrone before they meet a provincial loser .


I actually wasn’t sure myself and googled it when I saw the question asked. Some serious potential for tough games coming…


Its a hard path , that’s for sure .