All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


I’m not talking about just this weekend. Football has been on the decline for near a decade now. The odd great game or super team performance won’t change that.

And I’m talking about football. Not how Dublin play football. The hand pass/possession disease affects all counties.


Some people are glass half full and others are glass half empty no matter what is going on in life.

Here’s a novel idea, how about we wait until the season is over before we review it and cast judgement!

People already giving out about the Super 8’s … I think it’s been great, Round 1 over and Round 2 set up brilliantly for a savage battle in Omagh and Kerry clinging on to a place in the championship as they head to Clones. Even for Round 3, Tyrone heading to Donegal for a potential winner takes all clash.

83,000 in Croker over the weekend … that is not a bad crowd in my opinion. Football is far from dead…


Was hurling great when Kilkenny had All Irelands won after 10 minutes? This Dublin team is brilliant to watch. If we get 4/5 points ahead of a team with 10 to play and they keep 14 behind the ball we do what any intelligent team would do.


Hear hear !


and in that time we had “the greatest game of all time” between Dublin and Kerry and we had barnstorming matches between Mayo and Dublin, we had barnstorming matches between Kerry and Mayo. We had out asses handed to us in 2008 by a “defensive” Tyrone team, we have played “total football” in 2013 and 2014.

What has happened is simple really - the reaction of some teams to what Dublin and Kerry were doing was to “try and keep the score respectable” - and this has been now perfected to the nth degree by some teams. What is the point in going gung ho against them when they are putting 15 guys behind the ball with 6 min on the clock and you are ahead?

Also, in the coming weeks and months we will see this passage of play grow and grow in the myths till you hear that Dublin were playing keep ball for the last 20 mins of the game, i expect that cyclist twat to say we did it all match.

it is the result of the GAA shoving a league into the championship in July/August. People put with with it in the spring, and dont forget we were lauded for this last year against Tyrone. It was the end of the blanket, they said. Well, with a league the GAA just headed down to the drapery section in dunnes and bought a duvet.

next week will tell a different story. it is do or die.


the reaction was similar to what football is going through now. Sweepers, blankets. then teams figured it out, and look who went out the door this weekend. no rule changes needed.

all football needs is for more teams to do what we do and get round the blanket. the easiest way is to build up a lead and force the other team to play ball.


I remember saying to the brother back in the day when people were winning things with the blanket that there has to be a way around it… and Dublin have found it. But they are the only ones, really. I know a shot clock adds to the administrative/refereeing requirements but I would not be against the idea per se… it doesn’t have to be thirty seconds, it can be 120… there really is too much lateral and backward passing these days and I don’t think it would in any way threaten Dublin’s dominance. The problem as I see it is that there is only one county in the country right now that is capable of playing proper attacking football and winning at the same time…


That would be too sensible . Does nt appeal to the true Gaels all or nothing mentality. Measured opinions in the gaa . In the 80s the gaa was dying apparently, and nothing could be done.


The super 8 games over the weekend were a let down. No real exciting game. Crowds we’re poor too…I thought Dublin looked to be playing in 2nd gear… I really can’t see any team stopping ye.

Kerry looked like they believed their own hype.


Yeah this is about all that’s keeping me interested at the moment. We’re the only team around capable of playing the game in different ways. We can play attacking football, we can play a possession based game. We can play a game in a way that would be perceived to be to the opponents’ strengths only to show them we can beat them at their own game. I do enjoy that unquestionably


At this stage they should just do away with the CCC in GAA and let the pundits set the times, venues and fixture details and while they’re at it set the rules of the game. They have it all sussed…

I tuned in to Today FM yesterday for less than 5 mins and in that time heard Peter Canavan say Dublin v Donegal could have been played in any of the provincial grounds holding 10-15K (ignoring the actual attendance at the game) and Bomber Liston saying they should introduce a rule that once you step over the half way line with the ball you shouldn’t be allowed back in to your own half with it (in response to Dublin holding possession and playing laterally) …

Although in fairness both did say the onus was on Donegal to come at us …


Bomber’s next suggestion will be that Dublin can only have possession in their own half.


And if that doesn’t work bomber and his vast intellect will propose we can okay scrire direct from a cluxton kickout. That should level the playing field


Bomber was a member of the Kingdom Globetrotters - threw more balls in the net than Michael Jordan.


Fully agree. Think the league format has provided yet another “back door” system in that even if you lose, you are not out. Championship football used to be you lose, you go home… In a way, the only real knockout tournament doesn’t start until the all Ireland semi finals!

Make me wonder just how low it will be until the championship becomes the National League.


You could conceivably lose three games now and still win Sam.


The problem is the gaa trying to appease everyone. Keep the provincials , have qualifiers/ group games etc . It’s a halfway to nowhere system. An inter county season that drags on for 10 months nearly. Have the provincial as a warm up - do it in a month under lights perhaps. 4 divisions of 8 , top 2 into quarters and so on. Price the divisional games cheapily. Take 4 months to run that off if you have the games reasonably close together. Give it 10 years before reviewing.


In the end, the most sensible suggestions, including the one above, amount to roughly the same thing: swap league for championship and vice versa.


Yeah but the gaa ain’t listening. The benefits are a no brained. 5 months ring fenced for inter county, leaving say 5 months for club championship uninterrupted. Players can have 2 months rest. Structured fixture list means everyone can plan their lives properly. Hurling championship could be played at a different time ensuring gaa receives good coverage nearly all year round. We can only dream.


I don’t think it’s a case they’re not listening. It’s just a complicated and political process which needs so much work and then finally a two thirds majority at congress.

The provincial councils have so much to lose handing back power to Croke Park in terms of revenue and control that they will not do it easily. It’s like turkey’s voting for xmas!

I think with the Super 8’s it’s a gentle toe in the water to create the winds of change and slowly but surely we’ll see a big change…