All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


They should hve thought of that and sold the tickets as part of a package.


i see the love in for hurling is back on out in the GAA social media world with the usual muppets on show.

Shiteball had destroyed attendances!!

No - the utter certainty of dublin winning has destroyed attendances!!

The Hurling - no certainly of the winners, faster, more exciting than ever before!!


10,000 in Cork? Ah, should have been in Thurles, thats just because of where it was.

18,000 in Thurles?



Jackie Tyrell trolling poor unfortunate Tomas O’Se on Twitter is pretty funny though. :rofl:


yeah but there are some headbangers trolling him though too.


The Munster hurling final sold out for the first time in years this year. They should have been on together. Cork is a shite venue for neutral games.

Value for money is the thing. One game at €30 or whatever this year when every other year there has been two games. The games were split for TV purposes. Nothing else.

The hurling has absolutely shit all over the football this year. Inter County Football is all but unwatchable at this stage.


They were do or die knock out games Alan and indeed the match yesterday was another great one - but the attendances disprove the argument I am commentating on.

The Munster Final attendance was greatly helped by the influx of the notoriously fickle Cork support. I was at the last Munster Final in the old PUC where tipp won as expected and there were feck all Cork support.


The new format for hurling is unforgiving , essentially every game matters - think we use to have a system like that before 2001 which meant ever match mattered.

Hurling championship was poor for years - the only good game of the year was the semi final that kilkenny weren’t involved in.


The format is one thing. But he game itself has become a total bore. All about possession. Don’t do anything that might possibly give the ball away. Shovel it around for as long as it takes to get off a shot. Repeat ad nauseum until the crowd falls asleep. And don’t kick the ball under just about any circumstances.

It’s not the same game you see at club level. Any risk or chance has been minimized by control freak managers. Couple that with the format and the lack of competitive teams and you get a very boring championship.


has that not always been the way , except now you have 7 million defenders back.

Personally i don’t see the massive appeal about hurling in the sense that you just lash the ball from one end of the field to the other and hope your player gets out in front to win it. Granted once you get that ball and turn it into score is the remarkable stuff


I can’t disagree with any of that, and I’m as staunch a football supporter as you’ll find. I see people on the Donegal thread unhappy that some of us are complaining about the style of football but call me old fashioned I preferred the football we played in 2013/2014. I preferred the type of football that displayed the skills of our game as they should be. I’d love nothing more than to relive a game like Dublin v Kerry 2013. 2 teams concerned with nothing other than outscoring the opposition.

Some people will say that football we played then or in the mid noughties was naive etc., but you can still play attacking football and be tactically set up well in defence.

It honestly feels like watching basketball at times. Each team letting their opponent carry the ball up the pitch until they reach the 45, when they go from side to side hoping rather than actively trying to create a chance to score. And then it’s the opposing teams turn, and so on. How often do you see a forward tackle up the pitch nowadays? It doesn’t happen and its why we see so much keep ball tactics at the moment

And what’s amazing about it all is that Galway will now feel justified by the result yesterday, but if you look closely at what worked for them when getting scores, it was the early ball in.

Intercounty football has now become about taking the risk averse option rather than the right option. I was at all 4 games over the weekend and I lost count of how many times a player opted against a kick into the forwards in favour of a backwards or sideways handpass.

The question I’d like to ask a lot of these managers is what they are actually trying to achieve with their game plans? Why they instruct their players against kicking when the chance is on? Why are they more worried about not losing, than trying to win? Too many county players from the Dublins to the Carlows have had some of the fundamental skills of the game coached out of them. They now play within a system of fear and restriction. It’s not right.

I’m a bit disillusioned after the weekend. I went to all 4 games and an AFL 1 game yesterday morning. The most enjoyable, and best quality was the club game. The county game is going in the wrong direction. Some will say the game is evolving, but it’s plateaued and being over complicated. I for one certainly don’t think it’s evolving, it’s changing but not improving.

People may call me old fashioned for what I’m saying here but I’m not saying go back to the days where 15 players stood in the same position and contested 50/50 balls all game. Be tactically aware, play a system, but play the game to win. Trust your players to play the game as it should be.


So you cannot see the appeal of delivering a pass into an area and having lads go Mano a Mano to see who wins it. And then see what happens from there on?

There’s simply no comparison in terms of excitement between the games any more. Not at the top level anyway.


Agree with every single word of that. All of it.


Not really , wouldn’t consider it to be a productive way of attacking if i’m honest , its like football from 20+ years ago , kick it and hope for the best. Don’t know about you but when i played (or tried to) i’d be trying to pick out a fellow player rather than hoof it


The game has changed, but at this stage it is getting a bit tiresome listening to some harping on about how boring it is, if it is that bad there is nobody forcing anyone to watch it, I wasn`t at the game on Saturday, but I reckon the entrance fee was worth it just to see the amazing fielding skills of the likes of Horward and Fenton, the spectacular move involving Costello and Jack Mc and many other things, but it seems people just prefer to see the negative side.
And this idea of comparing Hurling and Football, they are two different sports, if it is speed you want, well hurling is always gong to be the winner, but that is the nature of the sport.


You have answered your own question there they are all afraid to loose.

Would i like to see free flowing attacking football yes like we had in 2013 and 2014 - yeah why not.
But you cant be naive either - i want us to win and be the best - i have spurs to follow in the soccer ball to play nice football and not win anything.


I’m more of a hurling man myself. However I do enjoy the modern game of football. I like the fact that it is more tactical and, in particular, I love seeing the Dubs deal with whatever is thrown at them. Dublin are a team that can play against any team with whatever tactics they implement. Absolutely the most versatile team in the history of the game.


Have you seen some of the scorelines in hurling this year? Hurling passes are not simply hit and how.

And in our day we’d be allowed kick the ball. Not anymore!


Also those who are saying that hurling is just lumping the ball down the field willy nilly obviously never played the game. There is a lot more to it than that.


I have - lots of high scoring games - defenses could do with tightening up !

Knew i’d get one to bite


Alan, that is an extrapolation of certain passages of play on saturday into a gameplan for a whole match or indeed a playing philosophy. Is it only 12 months ago that, having done this to Tyrone that we were involved in “the most exciting all ireland ever”? What was the defining difference? Tyrone and their attitude. Who was more in common with Tyrone yesterday? Donegal. I really find it hard to blame Dublin when you are ahead in a match with the time running out and the onus is on the other team to attack you. What is wrong with defending a lead in those circumstances?

We have not played like that against Longford, Wicklow or Laois. Do not play like that in the League against Kerry, Mayo or other “open” teams. It is also not an act of arch hypocracy either - this is not the same as Guru McGuinnes’ teams coming out to play like that from minute one.

We did play fast, expansive skillful football on saturday. When we got the ball we ran or passed at them, albeit mostly out on the wings, but the intent was there to score as often as possible - we put up 17 scores against a blanket and we constantly are the highest scorers against blankets. Even in that match we put up the biggest score against Guru’s team with the exception of when Mayo met them knackered. I’m not sure how many wides we put up on saturday but I remember a man in front of my saying that oen player (either Callaghan or Kilkenny) had seven by the time he was saying it. We also had two cast iron goal chances which should have been points at the very least. What was the last score of Saturday? How was it worked? When was it? All far form the picture being painted.

All of the above happened on Saturday. Perhaps Omagh will be a direfest, but if it is it will be not because of our approach. Our approach is still plainly to score as much as possible as often as possible. If we do not dont blame us.