All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Yeah up in Donegal.

It’s very hard to know with Tyrone this year. No matter the system - I’m not sure the forwards are there.

Ronan O’Neil can be great one day then not show up the next. McAliskey has improved since last year but it’s more through toil than ability.

That hammering from Dublin brought fans down with a bang…then getting dumped out of Ulster by Monaghan to deny the 3 in a row…and you now have the side show of Sean C criticising MH.

Hopefully the lack of expectation will help the team.


Talent wise nailed on starter
Temperament is also a big factor on the big day - lets face it prior the final he picked up 2 black cards and the famous yellow against carlow in a handful of matches - third black card he would have missed the final so that’s why he was brought on at the end of Tyrone game. He starts against mayo and keegan picks him up and who knows how i would have ended.


the 2 of them would be over in the states now on their honeymoon


In Coppers, under a Ban Garda from Belmullet.(Lovely personality, shame about the face.) Same as last year, no?


well obviously keegan had a crush on Dermo, sure he’s been rippin the clothes off him now for years


a boy can dream



Tbh discipline is one of the issues that could harm us. For the most part it is very good. The usual 2 or 3 targets will be earmarked for extreme provocation now in the hope that one will get sent off. Time for calm and cool heads and strong refs…well we can always hope can’t we!?


I assume you’re talking hypothetically but you can’t be having that.


We are getting our day in Croke Park after all. Mayo in U-20 Final as curtain raiser for Dublin v Roscommon.


Great win in Carrick today…pleasure to be there.


And a great win for the ladies in the circumstances.


We probably need a separate Mayo thread at this stage. :grin:


Good stuff. Like I said, next year or the one after are not a write-off for your seniors by any manner


Might have been mentioned above, but are Croke Park obliged to have four quarter finals in Croke Park? Season ticket / premium tickets / corporate boxes may have been sold on basis of that. Plus all the sponsorship hoarding around pitch.


So that’s a crunch loss for Kerry, i suspected Galway might ask them some awkward questions.


yes. QF’s have been sold as part of the package which is why CP will always be used for one ruond of them.

TBH if they keep this format for the three years then we will certainly have our home match in PP in three years time - I think the idea is that next year our “home match” will be second and away third.

what the super 8’s has proven is that GAA HQ arrogance has washed up on the shores of reality. People - esp those who are paid monthly - cannot afford to go to so many matches at €30 a pop in such a short space of time. Also, there is an outside world out there and putting matches where the fans have to go to a lot of bother (not counting kildare) to get there may punt for the allure of a world cup final on the sofa of a sunday afternoon.

its not like they dont have a spare weekend - although why that weekend is used on the 29th as opposed to allowing a week off for semi finalists is another GAA mystery.


The big problem for the super 8 is the last round, in a likely scenario of Dublin, Donegal, Monaghan and Galway winning next weekend, the only match with anything to play for on the last round would be Donegal v Tyrone, depending on the results, our game against Roscommon might not even fill the Nell never mind Croker.


Galway Monaghan would be playing to avoid us in the semis


well, its on in croker so there is nothing to be done.

you know how people make up stuff on twitter usually involving some innocent child saying something to reinforce some crappy political point?

well, someone was at it yesterday where their child looked sadly around croke park and asked with tears streaming down her traumatised face “Daddy why dont they open the upstairs?”