All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Did Johnny not just retire himself or was there more to it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They didn’t renew his contract.


Speaking on Newstalk’s Off The Ball show, Giles confirmed he was told by RTÉ’s Group Head of Sport Ryle Nugent last year that his current RTÉ contract would be his last, and the former Ireland player and manager stressed he made no attempt to plead his case.


Hopefully they’ll do the same with Dunphy


Hah no fucking chance. Especially with his Missus being one of the head honchos in RTE


He’s lost it in fairness.


Was in Westpark in Tallaght on lunch break and Tom Parsons was in the gym.Hopefully he will be back playing football sometime next year.


That’s very quick, best of luck to him…


Read O’Roukes article…about an unintended consequence of this format is that it allows the better teams to regroup.

So no surprise that the last 8 are all Div1 sides. (Rossies in 2019).

Not really surprised about Mayo either. In fact, it’s probably more of a surprise they lasted so long. Their luck couldn’t last much longer. They reminded me of Tyrone in 10/11.

Talking of which…if McAliskey and R O’Neill can keep form…they’ve a good chance of making the last 4. The lack of expectation in the county might be a help.

I had thought of Kerry being the bigger at threat to Dublin…but after Cork’s collapse to Tyrone it makes you wonder how good they really are.


Just back from a camping holiday.

GAA tops everywhere.

Not being paranoid…but me and the Monaghan neighbour counted the number of Dublin jerseys…their fancy mobiles, city swagger and undicepherable accents.

This Dublin cash cow just keeps on giving!



It’s been all shadow boxing since the end of the league. How good we are is as much in question as any other team. Galway in the league was our last real game. Unlike previous eras when we were constantly being caught in the QFs can’t see Jim letting complacency get the better of us.


Think the round robin might actually help Dublin.

In previous years there was a slim chance of catching Dublin undercooked from Leinster.

Now you got to pray lighting strikes Dublin twice.

Unlikely with this current side (we can only hope!)


Bad defending…looking back at the last 7 years last years final hurt but we played so well and didn’t win and got beat so not much you can say…beating by the better team or the more effective bench…imagine having Connolly coming off your bench…we had nothing from our bench the past 7 years and it cost us.

2014 v Kerry down in limerick…I never left as angry…I think we would have taken Dongal in that final but that’s just an opinion


Connolly should be starting.

Would likely still be here if he was :wink:


After the QF…I read an interview with Aidan Forker. (think he’s from Maghery?)

But he said matter of factly that it would take them a few years to catch up with Tyrone and how he was up for the challenge.

It got me thinking of how hard K McG’s job is.

His legacy was assured in Armagh. Took balls for him to come back and put that on the line.


Now now - you know you’re not allowed gossip about Dermo in here …


No but Jason Sherlock is fair game apparently.


brady is just another muppet, I also heard him earlier in the year predictin it would more or less be a Dublin / mayo final, well he probably got half of that right, I also heard joe umbrella’s remarks about Andrews and Scully that they wouldn’t get into the Kerry forwards, I think paddy alone has more silverware than the entire Kerry 6 forwards, mad I say mad


I couldnt agree more with you mayoman. I remember being irate after the first game cos as far as i could see, mayo were robbed by the owl “keep the game tight” agenda on the refs part. 2014 wss deffo your year but its very hard to bate the othrr team and the ref. Thats why im always bleating on about sorting the tackle out. Im convinced theres an element that lime all the vagueness so the ref can call every decision whatever way he wants.


I dunno, in Gavin’s (and Gilroy’ post-2009)) time we have always looked comfortbale in Qtr finals (mind you, after 2011 we never had a very tough opponent at that stage, but we never gave Monaghan much of a look in either).

So now we’re in a different format. Complacency was less of an issue I suppose in knock-out, than when you know you can still go through by winning two games. But Jim’s teams so far have always gone out to make sure pretty much every serious game. I think we may be lucky too with McBrearty out but Donegal will have little to lose. I think we really need to be winning that because although last yer’s semi-final was of course knock-out, a must win this year Vs Tyrone on the back of a shock defeat and with Tyrone being written off this year, and what they may have learned from last year, is not something I’d fancy finding out about…

For yous I think yis will fancy beating Donegal but that’s a massive game, is it the last game? Ros might pull off one shock though.