All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Look who it is !



Ye ???


What about ye is right!

On holiday and family beside us have the Monaghan flag flying. Blood is thicker than water come the super 8s.

Just needed Armagh to come through to make it interesting. Hard lucks to the boul rufus.


Thank you my friend and welcome back.

Beat by the better team and as I said elsewhere mightn’t be too much of a bad thing as I think we might have got a couple of serious scalpings in the Super 8s. Honourable defeat therefore probably the best option.


What you make of Geezer losing it ?
He all but named Brolly .


Thought it was a do or die season for Geezer.

And he’s done just enough to give hope to the faithful.

A man with his standing shouldn’t have to ask fans to stay until the final whistle. Armagh won’t find someone else as faithful to the cause.

But agree the Super 8s could’ve led to some maulings.

For what it’s worth…I think Tyrone could take another tanking from Dublin in Healy Park. A miserable thought…,


I thought he was a wee bit out of order, going on like that in the national press. That said, it reflected some very strong feelings and he has good cause to be annoyed, as there are those in the County who would undermine him.

Brolly - who is good mates with the McEntees - would be no fan, and the feeling would be mutual, but I’ve a notion he’s referring to people within the County who would have been doing their damndest to get players not to play.

Armagh has a history of petty jealousies and geographical cliques that serves to undermine the greater good, and some of that is currently being played out in my opinion.


Crossmaglen still factoring in here ?


Without any definitive proof, my sense would be ‘yes’.


The likes of Guru J, Horan (and by extension Rochford), Fitzymaurice when the mood takes him, and thinking back to Tadgh Kennelly in 2009 and his responses afterwards, and his mercenary Aussie Rules role, and Gooch with his testimonial, and Kildare with their previous attempts to buy and manoeuvre success, brought in tactics and attitudes and practices that basically said to GAA, it’s all about winning, and getting what you want, no matter what it takes.

Hard to escape the idea that coaches like Mourinho spread that cult. But sure lookit, if only Dublin hadn’t wrecked the whole thing with their financial doping…


Yes, the first two or three years were always guaranteed. More recently though he has been wwalking a bit of a tightrope with many of the natives growing increasingly restless.

I always felt that he has been walking a thin line recently between success and failure. Last year we were absolutely robbed of promotion to Division 2 when Tipp scored a goal with the very last kick of the league. Yet we made the All Ireland quarter-final despite Westmeath having us by the throat three qualifying rounds earlier but couldn’t put us away.

This year we lost a lot of players yet still got promotion but gave an awful performance in Enniskillen in the Championship, so a qualifying run was a necessity. We got some handy draws but made it to round four where we put in our best performance of the year before going down to the Rossies.

There are a lot of peope in Armagh who reckon the loss of some of the players from last year was down to the hiding we got from Tyrone in the quarter-final. The subsequent hiding that Tyrone got off Dublin painted a bleak picture as to how far off the top we were, despite the huge sacrifices the players made.


That’ll learn ye tae go tae Malahide hi!

Welcome back. Now that The Orchard has lost its fruit early you’re the best outside poster here. Will The Reds offer something tactically confounding to us like Gilroy did to Mickey in 2010?


The Kildare thing was especially serious, it took the ‘winning’ thing to a whole new level. Personally I wouldn’t have hugev issues with Mayo, they gave it a good shot but came up short. The AOS thing with the Philly ‘headbutt’ was bad form, but listen, people say stupid stuff in interviews. It’s not a hanging offense.

Kennelly though is different, trying to make profit off lamping a guy isn’t right.

But for me, true ‘winning’ in the GAA is about achieving more then you should, the Offaly achievement in hurling and football in the 80s and 90s, for me, remains the greatest of all GAA achievements. The Down success of the 60s, given the handicaps they would have faced as a six county team back then is a close second.


Reading Jackie Tyrell’s book … in this regard … eye opening …


Great so you back, @upthedall. I hope you and yours are well. Welcome back, a chara.


Ah yes…the auld aren’t mayo lovely but here’s why from a yerra…that’s why I hope Ye trounce them in the final this year


i thought for him to include Keegan red card in discipline issues was a joke considering it was rescinded.


Nothing worse than a patronising Kerryman.

Describing Vaughan’s red card and the defensive mix up in 2013 (I assume for Brogan’s goal) as hard luck stories is nonsense too. It’s not hard luck but simply poor play (sorry Mayoman).


I’ve dislike for Spillane but his first reason is bang on . Full back . Any county that continued with Ger Cafferkey as full back for 6/7 years will always come up short .


That’s what I was saying above. As patronising an article as you’re ever likely to see. I’ll say it again, Pat is a bore at this stage and RTE really should be cutting him loose


Pat is a national institution , hell be around for a bit . Can’t see them shifting him like they did Giles for the football .