All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest


Yeah, he did, he must have had an unpleasant experience at some stage. From my own experiences, I always found Galway hurling fans great. But Dublin doesn’t really have an intense rivalry with anyone in hurling so maybe in Dublin games everyone is just better behaved. But as as @GAAGAA points out, hurling has it’s loopers too.

I can understand people being passionate about it, but when all reason leaves them it is a bit pathetic. How do these people cope in real life when stuff goes against them. You can’t just roar and abuse who ever you deem responsible. Actually, maybe they do!


Pundits need to start saying what they think will happen, not what they want to happen.

On punditry, I heard Oisin McConville (not the worst of them) at the weekend say how it was great to take Dublin and Kerry out of their comfort zone and take them to places like Clones, ‘look what Monaghan did to Dublin in Clones this year’!


It really is crazy down here. Every two horse village has a GAA club at or close to the centre. Hard to think they couldn’t organise a better football team with 200+ clubs in the country alone but Hurling is very much first choice in the more populated centres like the city and east cork.


Correct…when he was not referring to Donegal…when he was not referring to Crossmaglen Rangers…when he was not…

…I still miss him!!


I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s drinking :beer:


Was talking to Joe Molloy on OTB.


There is not a hope in hell of Roscommon getting within 8 points of us in Dublin. So he obviously thinks they’ll beat Tyrone in Croker and Donegal in the Hyde. Not a hope imo.


Soft spots for Langers? :thinking:

Has the sun melted yer tarmacadam or wha’ ?


Bear in mind, there could potentially be a situation where Dublin beat both Donegal and Tyrone and have already qualified for the semis.

In that scenario, and bearing in mind the last Super 8 game is only one week prior to the semi-final, Jim could very well consider making a raft of changes, to ensure the main men get full rest prior to the semi. That would give Roscommon a better shot at getting something out of our game.

Of course we’d have to win both our first two games for that to happen…


I still think we’d have too much for them. Any of those boys would be mad to make an impression.


If we were to win our first two, we would then probably be able to choose between coming 1st or second in the group, not saying throw a match but risk a loss by selecting a weakened side, I would imagine the two teams that qualify from the other group would prefer to avoid us, but who is there to avoid in the other group, IMO it would not make all that much of a difference who we get, not sure there is a great deal of difference between Kerry, Galway and Monaghan, Kildare would sh… their pants at the sight of us.


These guys and Jim Gavin think only of winning. Nothing else.


Brady, king of the little people, has a propensity for telling them what they want to hear. In February he was busy predicting an early exit for Galway.
Will they do a Roscommon?’ - David Brady on why he thinks Galway could be 'out of the championship in June’
Delusional and wrong seems criteria and along will james ifeelitinmybones horan OTB are dispensing it in bucket loads.


Nothing to do in Omagh…are you mad?

It’s the Las Vegas of Tyrone. Sure you could stop off at Gervaghey and check out the facilities.

Now talking of places to go…any spots a good-looking fella like myself could visit in Dublin after Tyrone win the AI?


Well look who it is :joy:


Daller! there you are!


Was on a long spying mission in Dublin.

Took a while to master the gibberish accent.

But now that tyorne are in the Super 8s… I had to break cover to brag!


Think Bart moved to America :wink: :wink:


How is Casement Park renovation doing?


Afaik…frig all.

Funny I passed it the other week getting kids stuff in O’Neills…and apart from the glossy promo video, I’ve saw nothing. Wonder if it’ll be a white elephant.